Thanksgiving Fun!

So Evie requested a post on my Thanksgiving, and what we usually do. The pictures are mostly just of the food we normally eat and then the decorations. 

For us, Thanksgiving is mainly being with family, eating lots of good food, and reminiscing on what we're grateful for. =)

The lovely table my Grandma set up for the dinner. ^_^

She set up some snack stuff along the counter because she didn't know how long the turkey was going take exactly... of course it was done early, & I was taking pictures so I hardly ate any of it. xD

And of course, no Thanksgiving for us is complete without my grandma's Christmas tree set up. 

The pumpkin pie taunts you from the second you lay eyes on it. xD

This is Candy, my grandma's dog. She's the cutest little thing. =)

The turkey waiting to be carved. 

Potatoes, stuffing, & the gravy. *drooling* xD



And my dad devouring chips. xD

*choir singing* The lovely turkey itself!

Transferring it off of the rack...

It kind of dropped a bit but it was alright. xD

Carving the turkey...

Always waiting for a morsel of food.

(sorry for the weird pic; Candy moves so quickly xD)

The table with food on it.

The gravy and the potatoes are the best part to me. xD


And after. xD 

It's always tradition to get a slight stomach-ache; at least for me. xD

Candy enjoys putting her head under my grandma's arm... At every single meal. xD

We all had a really great dinner, ended up laughing until we were all crying, and I got a wonderful shot of my grandma bent over her plate coughing because she started laughing while eating.
We rested for a bit and then...


I feel like everybody should eat pumpkin pie at least once in their life, whether or not they celebrate Thanksgiving. xD

My dad's slice of pumpkin pie; it was the thing he, and I as well, were looking forward to the most. xD

And that really about sums up our Thanksgiving. 

A fun dinner filled with lots of laughter, jokes that might be a tad stupid/inappropriate, and yelling because my grandma hates having her picture taken. xD 

We don't really celebrate typically; we don't have like 8 sides, and 30 family members over, but we still have a good time. =)

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and Evie, if you any questions, don't hesitate to ask. =)

~Ad, The Halfling Writer


  1. Ok,*deep breath* The table looks amazing,I want to kiss Candy, The whipped cream looks beautiful and the tree looks heavenly!xD

    1. Haha, I'll tell my Grandma that you like the table and tree. :)
      And Candy is a cutie isn't she? xD

  2. It looks like you had a ton of fun. :) I just realized that I forgot to take my camera witg me yesterday. :/ Oh, well too late now. :)

    1. Ah, we had a wonderful time. ^_^
      I almost forgot to take mine with me as well; the holidays always mess with my brain. xD

  3. Nice! Looks like you have a lot of fun! What kind of stuffing is that? Cornbread stuffing? That's what we had. :3

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. We did have fun. =)
      Just stuffing with regular bread; but cornbread stuffing sounds delicious. Yum!

  4. Awww! This was so sweet (and it made me hungry, too xD). It sounds like you had an epically awesome Thanksgiving. :) It's definitely one of my favorite holidays because it gently reminds you to always be thankful for every gift you have in your life, little and large.

    1. Haha, sorry for making you hungry. ;)
      We did! It was a fun time.
      Same here; I love how simple it is and yet such a wonderful reminder of everything.

  5. Your grandma's tree looks so pretty ^_^
    My mom made Thanksgiving dinner for us, which is only four people, but no matter how many people there are, she cooks like she's feeding an army. She made seven pies (in which I only like the apple and chocolate cream pie, I can't stand pumpkin or banana cream pie. xD), stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes (yuck), cranberry sauce (yuck again), turkey, and several other things I can't rememeber right now. xD also, everything we had (even the turkey) was vegan since my family and I are vegan. =)

    Candy is absolutely adorable, by the way!!! ^.^

    1. I'll be sure to tell her that! =)
      Ooh that sounds like fun! I've never had apple, or banana cream pie.... something I should try. =) Also never had sweet potatoes either... xD
      That's cool that you're vegan; one of my friends is a vegetarian. =)

      And aww thank you. =)


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