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Yo. You, bulletproof in black like a funeral. 
Props to you if you understand that. 
I've been tagged for a few things, & I'm finally getting up my answers to them. *waves banner*

WaterUnderTheBridge created the fantastic Blessing In Disguise award, and she was lovely enough to nominate me. If you haven't been on over to her blog, you should swing on over and say hi. She's got a freakin' amazing taste in music, & she does gorgeous musical covers.
So shoo! To HERE, you go. 

1. Copy these rules and the picture above
2. Answer these questions:
- Who/ What is your biggest inspiration?
- What is one song that describes you?
- Is there a message you want to give your followers/readers? If so, what is it?
3. List and explain one goal you have for your life (this can be short-term or long-term)
4. Think of at least three questions to ask your nominee.
5. Nominate at least one other person and explain why you nominated them. What makes them a blessing in disguise?

 Who/ What is your biggest inspiration?

Patrick Stump & Gerard Way are the two little muffins that I look up to and cherish. They've helped me, and inspired me, in a lot in ways, & I love both of them dearly. ^-^

 What is one song that describes you?
Oh, Ms. Believer, by Twenty One Pilots. 

 Is there a message you want to give your followers/readers? If so, what is it?
I suppose I just want people to know that it's okay if you don't fit into society's mold. There's nothing wrong with not fitting in, & everybody should have the ability to love themselves and who they are. 

What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?
Sit on my butt.
No, I'm teasing.
I really enjoy taking family vacations. We always have fun (and usually break down along the way). It's always a joy to stay somewhere else for a while. =)

 What is your favorite memory?
It is summertime in Vegas. A weary Grey family on vacation is crossing one of the large bridges that joins The Excalibur & Mirage hotels together. A young Adaline leads the way, wanting nothing more than to get inside into the cool building. 
A man rushes past her, and suddenly a loud yell is heard.
"Hey you! Yeah, I'm talking to you! You almost knocked me over!
A little Adi turns to see her grandmother hobbling down the bridge. It was her who gave the cry. 
The man pauses, turns, and then makes his way to the Grey family. 
20 minutes later, the slightly drunk British man kisses my dad on the cheek, as he, now joined by his wife, apologizes once again, for having upset my grandmother. The duo take off, and the Grey family, laughing, continue into the hotel. 

I love my grandmother. To this day, I still tease her about the event, and I'm sure I'll be telling the story to my grandchildren one day. xD

What are your current three favorite songs?
Wretches & Kings, by Linkin Park (you'll hear me babble about this in future posts)
Burn Bright, by My Chemical Romance
Ride, by Twenty One Pilots

A very big thank you to WaterUnderTheBridge for nominating me. It was so kind of you. <3

For this award I nominate:
*I'm unsure as to who does awards and who doesn't; I apologize if I nominate somebody who doesn't do them*

Ellie: Ellie is such a sweetie, and she runs such a wonderful blog. You could scroll through her posts for hours; there's such a wide variety of them, and she never fails to entertain. Not to mention that she has an amazing sense of humor, and she is always such a joy to talk to.

Tenley: Tenley runs a fun writing blog, & her stories are always quite interesting. She's very sweet, and often converses with her followers in the comments; which is always a great thing in my book. She only started her second blog a while ago, but I'm already enjoying what she does.

Leah: Leah is fabulous & she puts up with me crying over musicians. Her blog design is gorgeous, & her fangirl posts are immensely relatable. Leah's also such a sweet gal, & I doubt she couldn't charm somebody into smiling.

My questions for the nominees are-
Favorite book character? Why?
Do you enjoy blog design?
Do you play any instruments? If yes, for how long have you played? If not, is there anything you'd like to play?

The other award I was nominated for was the Books & Reading tag, by my bestest friend in the world, Kelsey. If you haven't been over to her blog, you need to get your butt over there now. It is wonderful, and I guarantee that you'll love it. You can visit it HERE.


You must answer all the questions
Repost the picture with a link to Noor's blog and the persons blog who tagged you
You may tag people if you would like, but it isn't required.

May TBR (To Be Read)?
Pegasus by Robin McKinley. I picked it up a while ago, but wasn't really in the mood to swim past the first page. I'm hoping to get into it in my free time, and finally read it. 

Book (series) you'd like to see as a movie?
I will pay to have Heirs of Chrior filmed, with Tom Hiddleston as Tom Matlock.
*shoves savings at Warner Brothers* 

Overhyped book author?
Suzanne Collins, John Green, Stephenie Meyer... Feel free to throw their books at me, but I'm still not reading. 

The best book series you will ever read?
Just reading this question makes me squirm. I couldn't possibly answer this. 

Book to movie adaptation that was really bad?
Percy Jackson. I watched five minutes of it when it was aired on Cartoon Network, and I promptly lost it. 

Books that just made you cry?
I don't full on cry with books, but The Book Thief brought me to tears. 

Book you're reading right now? Give it a quick rating.
Re-reading Inkheart. 1,000,000,000/10

A book series that you just didn't like?
I can't recall a series I didn't really like... I know I gave up on 39 clues when I was younger... :}

Book you haven't read, but really need to?
I stopped reading the second Heirs of Chrior book, The Empty Throne, and I haven't managed to pick it up again with all that's been going on. I hope to finish it this month though, as school finally ends. 

Who is your favorite author of all time? 
Heather Dixon is freaking amazing, & she runs the neatest blog. I love her writing (Entwined is one of my favorite books of all time) and I can't wait for her new book to come out. She's honestly probably my top favorite author.
Rick Riordian, Shannon Messenger, Kayla Cluver, Brandon Mull, Marissa Meyer, Soman Chainani, Tony DiTerlizzi, Jessica Day George, Erin Hunter, Brian Selznick, & Cornelia Funke also have gorgeous writing styles.
That list was far longer than I intended. I'm sorry. 

A very big thank you again to Kelsey! <3

For this tag I nominate;

*If you don't do tags/have already done this, don't feel obligated to it again*

 I swear, I'm so bad at these things, it's frightening. Ah well. 

I hope you all have a lovely morning/day/evening/night, and don't forget to smile. You're gorgeous. ^-^


  1. The world around us is burning but we’re so cold
    It’s the few, the proud, and the emotional
    We gave up on The 39 Clues together.

      Glad I'm not alone in giving up.
      xo Adi

  2. I love the Inkheart series! If you didn't already know they made a movie based off the first book. It's decent.

    I read the first two 39 clues books, couldn't get the cards that came with them to work online, and promptly gave up. You're not alone.

    If you haven't already read the Lost Hero series by Rick Riordan, read it. In my opinion, that series is so much better than the Percy Jackson series. I'm only on the third book, but so far it's amazing. It does include characters from the Percy Jackson series, but you don't necessarily have to read the Percy Jackson series first. I'm warning you, you will hate Hera with a burning passion. Rick Riordan's Carter and Sadie Kane series is also excellent. That one has to do with Egyptian gods and goddesses, which I like more than the Greek or Roman ones.

    I read Pegasus. It was good.

    ~Jennifer Whyskers

    1. It's great isn't it? We own the movie and I like it quite a bit. I suppose mainly because Andy Serkis is in it. xD
      Sounds like a lot of people gave up on them. xD
      I've read it, and I agree. Far more in depth, and entertaining. I read Carter & Sadie a while back, but I've been meaning to revisit the books. I don't think I liked them as much, but I'm sure my views on them have changed as I have.
      xo Adi

  3. Aw, dear, really? :) Thank you so much for the kind words <3 I love you, you're anazing.
    Your grandmother is amazing :).
    IIIIINKHEEEEEEAAAART did anyone else read it and get a major crush on Dustfinger like is it just me or is it impossible to walk away from that book without having a major crush on Dustfinger.

    - Ellie

    1. Of course. Meant every word. Love you too. <3
      She really is. xD
      I thought I was the only one who instantly fell in love with Dustfinger. It must be like a global charm that makes anybody fall in love with him.
      xo Adi

  4. I loved reading this post and your answers :) Thanks for awarding me :)

    1. Thank you, Autumn! You're quite welcome. ^-^
      xo Adi

    but I cry over things too so we're all in the same boat.
    I'm telling you, you would enjoy he first Hunger Games book. I'll admit it starts getting love-triangley and all sorts of emotional baggage in Catching Fire, but the first one is really good.
    Just imagine the host with colored hair is Gerard Way.
    39 Clues? More like 39 FREAKING EONS.
    xo Leah

    1. OH LEAH.
      True, true, but I tend to be more sporadic and make less sense than you. xD
      Mmm, I don't know. I'm not really keen on the whole,"Kill each other until there's one left," kind of thing. But we'll see. :)
      If the host is Gerard though, I could definitely get behind it. xD
      IKR?! Aren't they still making books?! xD
      xo Adi

  6. This is the second time I've heard someone rave about twenty-one pilots. I'm have find them on spotify now and see how good they are for myself, now. XD

    1. Yes, Elizabeth, run to Spotify and listen to them. They're heaven. ^-^
      xo Adi

  7. Thanks for taggin' me! Can't wait to do it. And you read Erin Hunter's books tooo?!

    ~ ^____________^

    1. No problem, hun!
      YES, I love them. ^_^
      xo Adi

  8. Love your answers Adi! Your grandmother is amazing XD I think I tried reading Inkheart in third grade and then gave up on it. I may have to try reading it again if you say it's that good. :)

    1. Thanks, dear! I'll tell her you said that. xD
      You really should! I, personally, find it amazing and think you'd really like it. =)
      xo Adi


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