To Linkin Park-- Thank you for always being there. Thank you for showing me that sometimes you have to take risks. And that things will somehow almost always work out. Thanks for all the music you've made, and the music you continue to make. Thanks for being a constant ray of sunshine on cloudy days. And for always staying true to your selves, no matter what others thought of you. Thank you for Music For Relief. Thank you for helping me figure out who the hell I want to be. Thank you. 

To Austin Carlile-- Thank you for being so strong. Thank you for unknowingly helping me deal with my medical anxiety. Thank you for being a sweetheart who cares for everyone regardless of who they are. Thank you for helping me realize that I can get past my fear. Thank you. 

To Fall Out Boy-- Thank you for making the music that you do. Thank you for making me realize that whatever I do in life, music needs to be a part of it. Thank you for introducing me to so many other bands, who have impacted me just as much as you have. Thank you for being crazy, and wonderful, and just purely insane, in the best way. Thank you. 

To Gerard Way-- Thank you for everything. Thank you for helping me become more comfortable in my own skin. Thank you for always telling everyone that they're beautiful. And encouraging them to do anything they want to do. Thank you for your silly tweets, and your numerous emo dad jokes. Thank you for the music you helped make in My Chem, and thank you for the music you make now. Thank you. 

To Dan, Phil, and Joe-- Thank you all for being constant rays of sunshine. Thank you for making the videos you do. Thank you for never once failing to make me smile, or laugh so hard I have to pause a video because I honestly can't breathe. Thank you for caring. Thank you for stepping outside of the box and doing the creative things you wanted to do, regardless of what friends/family thought of it. Thank you for inspiring me to do what feels right. And for giving me the passion to want to help others. Thank you. 

To Kels-- Thank you for being the sister I never had. Thank you for always being there for me, no matter what I was going through. Thank you for all the gifs, and emails up till this point. Thank you for the things you've gotten me over the years. Thank you for the laughs. And inside jokes. Thank you for putting up with my Hobbit ramblings. Thanks for the many long texts during those deep conversations about life. Thanks for being the best friend I could ever ask for, and for sticking with me for this long. Thank you. 

Middle-earth has been good to us. And let’s hope we’ve been good for Middle-earth.
To the Hobbit cast-- Thank you for helping bring one of my favorite books to life on the screen. Thank you for essentially becoming my extended family, because even though I don't truly know any of you, I've grown so fond of you all. Thank you for making me smile at all of your silly antics. Thank you for being a part of the thing that has been a big part of my life for 4+ years now. Thank you for for being such cheeky, precious people who somehow always manage to have a smile on their face. Thank you. 

To Maddie and Leah-- Thank you for being the most wonderful internet friends one could ever wish for. Thank you for all the jokes, and laughter. Thank you for the combined scream fests, and the shared excitement in things you may not have liked but that I did. Thanks for the throwbacks to my first blog posts (they're so cringe-y why must you read them Leah) and the encouragement to do what I wanted to do with AGITS. Thanks for the comments, and the support, and the friendship that manages to stretch over the country. Thank you. 

To Olivia-- Honestly, just thank you for being you. Thanks for the insanely amazing posts that make me feel a little less alone in the world, and thanks for the comments you leave that always make me want to bawl my eyes out. Thank you. 


So Silhouette is officially one year old today. How insane is that? I feel a lot like a proud mother right now. Thank you to everyone who's shared in this creative outlet with me. I can't imagine not having this little blog. ^-^ 

I hope you all have a lovely day/evening/night. Don't forget to smile, you're beautiful. 

Stay street, stay alive. |-/


  1. HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY ADI <3 This post is the cutest thing ever and I asdfghjjkl

    I love your blog so much and I hope there are many more blog birthdays to come for you :D


  2. One year...that's so long when you think about it. I really wish I could have been there from the start.

    I guess the only thing I can say now is thank YOU for being so freaking amazing and kind and supportive and just...you. I certainly look forward to another year with you and your wonderful blog. <3

    Ah, I remember your very first posts on here. (I sound like a mom omfg.) I loved them, though. The ones about your Christmas room decor and Flower Crowns on Famous People were my favorites, I think.
    Anyways, gorgeous post. But nothing's new there.

  4. Happy one year Blogaversary! That's a big accomplishment. :) :)

    Thank you so much for letting me rant to you, for putting up with my fear of Hot Topic, for texting me through tricky situations. Thank you for screaming with me over seemingly pointless things. Thank you for notifying me whenever there's a Harry Potter weekend. Thank you for being the best online friend I could ever ask for.
    ps I gotta read them bc you were just too entertaining okay

  6. Congratulations on one year, Adi :)
    I remember seeing your Sunday Showcase picture on Doll Diaries about MK's hairstyle, looking at AGITS and being in awe, and then FLIPPING OUT when you, Kelsey and Maddie all followed my little blog xD.
    I never knew you watched Joe, after D&P he's my favourite youtuber, he's brilliant.
    Same as J, I'd like to say thanks to you for inspiring me to be myself and make my own personal blog, for designing that blog, for making me aware of the smol beans that are, Tyler and Jishwa, and for being a really fricking cool and nice person.

  7. Thank YOU for being the wonderful human you are <3

  8. AW congrats!! I am so glad you have kept up with this blog, you always inspire me and I love reading you posts. I know I've said that before, but I won't stop because it is true! Keep up what you are doing and follow your dreams, Adi. <3


    PS- I also know that I've said this loads as well, but THANK YOU for mentioning Dan and Phil, as my life has changed SO MUCH from me watching the Phil videos you had on your blog post until now. Thank you.

  9. I honestly didn't know what to say after reading this so I wrote this for you, because apparently I'm better at writing freaking manifestos than saying a simple thank-you. http://stuffofstories.blogspot.com/2015/11/real-things.html


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