// a-babbling-sort-of-recap //

i recognize that i've been missing from the blog for a while, and i could spout a million excuses, but i kind of just wanted to write a nice rambly post and update y'all on everything that's happened in the past month+
(without having to actually do the monthly recap format b/c i'm lazy and n o)

(steal any of my pictures and i'll hunt you down + tackle you)

-school started. i'm exhausted already. honors english class is ironically kicking my butt this year, and my best subjects are math and history at the moment. and the only explanation i have for all this is that i've fallen into some kind of alternate world. on the bright side, speech and debate isn't anywhere near as horrible as i was expecting it to be, and i've managed to settle into a pretty good groove for the year. my honors us history class is kind of like a review of everything i've learned over the years, which makes it an easy class to get through each day. i typically enjoy it the most, along with sign language II.*

*which doesn't count for credit as an actual language towards 
graduation and honestly just pisses me off because it is a
 language, and it's extremely relevant and i just. *screams* 

-in the world of book news: empire of storms finally came out, and it was fantastic. it ripped my heart out and i can't fathom having to wait another year to read the next one ah. i love sarah's books so much. and it was just recently announced that throne of glass was picked up for a tv show (!!). i'm excited to see what they do with the series, but also worried that they're going to seriously muck it up + butcher it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ we'll see how it goes.

-and as far as reading has been going, i've been doing terribly. i've only read two things this month, and five books in august. i blame the lack of reading on the fact that nothing (exluding empire of storms) comes even close to comparing to the foxhole court. *sigh* book slumps will be the death of me. 

-one of my instagram pics was featured on bookstagram features + i may have freaked out just a little too much??? there was a lot of flailing and muffled shrieks, and ecstatic all-caps texts. and while we're on the topic of instagram-- i reached 300 followers!! *flings confetti*

-we had relatives come to visit several times in the past month, which never happens. it kind of threw the whole fam for a loophole, and honestly, i'm still kind of exhausted by it all?? but i got to meet some relatives i've never met before, + they were sweethearts who brought me vinyl (which is basically the key to my heart) so it was tolerable.

-okay, so arguably the biggest and most exciting thing that has happened all bloody year-- I GOT TO SEE MY FLORIDA CHILDREN IN CONCERT!!! oh my god it was the most fantastic thing ever. back in march (?), it was announced that a day to remember would be opening for blink-182 on their tour, and i, of course, lost my ish. i frantically texted my mom in the middle of state testing (don't do that children), screaming about how we just had to go. i was blessed enough to be able to get tickets to the concert and it was everything + more. you all know that linkin park is forever my favorite, but guysss, adtr is right up there with them. i spent the whole night sounding like a broken record, just incessantly babbling about how happy i was. it was truly such an amazing night.

-and wait, wait, wait! the story doesn't end there! i posted the above photo on my instagram, and had a little fangirl moment in the caption where i shared my utter joy at having seen the guys live. i'd been having a pretty sucky time the day i posted it, and i was tired + just generally feeling pretty down. so i didn't really believe it when it popped up in my notifications that kevin skaff, guitarist in the band, had seen + liked my photo. 
you can probably imagine the screamfest that ensued. i scared my mom with my yelling, and danced around the house like a loon. i'm still not really over it??
thank you kevin, for making my day 1000000x better. 

|| x ||

and that's the basis of what i've been doing while i've been away from blogging. i'd like to say that there will a slew of posts coming from here on out, but honestly, i haven't written a review in ages, and i'm still trying to work out my sporadic schedule. BUT i promise i shall return relatively soon, 
i hope you all have a lovely day, and remember to smile for me if you can. you're fantastic. <3 


  1. omg omg omg kevin skaff!

    - Edie

  2. What an exciting month for you, Adaline! School is starting to slow me down too. Ahh yes Empire Storms! That totally blew up in my feed this month. I'm glad you got to see ADTR. I've never been to a concert but I would love love LOVE to see Twenty One Pilots on stage. <3

    anna | annaish

  3. I love concerts! I'm really glad you had a good time, and welcome back to the blogging world!


    Wheel of Time is also being picked up for a TV series, which is very exciting! Hopefully it won't be like the last one, which got through one episode before being dropped because of how much it sucked.


    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  5. what the hell, sign language is definitely a language. can your school please chill with the ableism, thanks.

    is that you in the picture with the album cover? your eyes are so pretty!!

    congrats on 300 followers! and omg, your cat, i want to snuggle. *reaches through screen and steals your cat*

    evelyn clickman @ if these stars shall fall


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