contact + review policy

How to Contact Me
You can use the contact form on the sidebar, or email me at, for any comments, questions, or concerns.

I can also be found/contacted through InstagramGoogle +, Pinterest, or Goodreads.

Review Policy/Disclosure

All reviews are written by me, and express my genuine and honest opinions. All reviews include photography that is either a.) watermarked or b.) explicitly stated as my own. I include summary + cover art from Goodreads, and often link to my original reviews on my Goodreads account.

Book review requests are always welcome-- but just know that it may take me some time to get to them.

As for specifics pertaining to what books I'll accept: 
-Young Adult is my preference, but I will read the occasional new adult, or middle grade work.

-I'm open to pretty much any genre; fantasy is my favorite, but I adore science fiction, contemporary, and dystopian stories, as well.

-I'm currently only able to accept advance copies, or published books in physical format.

happy reading! ^-^

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