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Today, April 9th, is Gee's birthday, and yes, I've gone full out and am celebrating to my heart's content. 

Don't judge me until you've read this whole bloody post okay. 

Here's the thing; I don't do posts like these often. I make it a point to always announce actors/musicians birthdays on my Google +, but I don't tend to do posts specifically for them. 


Today is a special occasion.

I did another birthday post HERE, for precious little Phil, and like Phil, Gerard is pretty important to me, and not doing a post for him would feel wrong. 

I told myself I wasn't going to do a really long post but here we go. I'll try to make this as quick and un-sappy as possible. :3


I've never been suicidal, or depressed. I'm lucky to live a happy life, and have a strong faith in myself. But if there's one thing that Gerard has taught me, it's that no matter what hell and fire you go through; things will always get better. 

The man who was once addicted to drugs and his own self-destruction is now one who is happy, dorky, and trying so hard to get others to realize that things are alright. No matter who you are, what you do, what you've done in life; he's accepting of you, and that's a quality I wish a lot more people in this world had. 

I can only place my new-found ability at caring for others no matter who they are, on Gerard, because he showed me that everybody has their own highs and lows in life. That everybody is amazing, worth knowing, and going about life without having to worry about what others think of them. 

Gee means a lot to me, and so does his music. He constantly makes me grin; whether by his completely random tweets, or his sheer sass. It's amazing to me; comparing who he was a decade ago to who he is now. 

I'm really grasping at words here, which is uncommon for me. 

I guess... Gah, I don't know. 

To put it simply:

Happy 38th Birthday, Gerard. Thanks, for all you've done. 

Happy birthday Gerard. ^-^


  1. I just kept scrolling...and scrolling...and scrolling.
    This post was like that Energizer Bunny dude.
    I loved it.
    Happy Birthday Gerard!!

  2. Happy Birthday Gerard! Never stop being yourself. Cause you're perfectly imperfect, and that is amazing.

    ~Jennifer Whyskers

  3. this post makes me feel like im in a black hole in the internet with someone i don't know-ahemGerardWay-, but happpy birthday anyways!!

  4. Happy birthday, Gerard!! *spins through the room offering cake and balloons to everyone visiting*


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