//happy birthday to my magical little pixie friend//

are you eating something right now? i hope you're not eating something right now. you know how good i am at making you laugh so hard you spit out your food. i don't know if this little happy birthday post will you make you laugh that hard, but look, if you're eating something, set it aside for a few minutes please.

now-- do i have your full attention?


i told myself i wasn't going to write something sappy for your birthday (but come on let's face it. i'm the queen of lame sappy stuff) and i didn't want to do a post just like you did for my birthday (although the gifs were quite brilliant ) so here's my weird, possibly funny, likely way too long birthday post for you.

(yo and if this does turn sappy and you cry-- i'm really sorry)


i've known you for almost 5 years now. isn't that crazy? i think it's crazy. 

the past few years have been filled with a lot of insanity. from switching schools, to walking in bars, to sherlock masks, to many insanity induced webcam sessions, and i'm insanely grateful that i've been able to spend so many fun moments with you. 
(the highlight of this year was the lawnmower conversations imo)

i'm really proud of you and how far you've come and i'm pretty sure i've never said that but i'm saying it now. i've watched you come out of your shell over the past many years and i've watched you chase your passions. i've watched you make amazing art and inspire and touch so many people. i've watched you save lives with what you do. and it makes my little heart swell with so much joy to be able to say that i have a friend like you. 

you usually brush off compliments of being special but seriously-- you're amazing. 

and i guess what i'm really trying to say is that i'm so happy you've never given up and that you've taken it upon yourself to inspire and help others. i don't think you know how much you inspire me. you make me want to climb a fricking mountain, or buy a crappy car and take a long roadtrip across the country; fall in love with the little things in life and cherish every moment. 

i suppose this is a thank you. 

thank you my magical little insanely tall pixie friend. 

i hope you have a wonderful birthday and that you never forget how fricking stellar you are.* 

may your day be blessed with oranges, dictionaries, lawnmowers and all the good music one can play in 24 hours. have fun, but seriously, don't get drunk on science and put a bag on your head okay?**

happy birthday kelsey. i love you. <3 

*mike fireworks go off* 

{i realize this in no way was a funny post and i'm cringing why must i only be capable of writing sappy things}

--El Bandito

*i also hope you get your fave band member squishy and a visit from all the doctor who lovelies

**today on how many inside jokes can i shove into a post while still trying to have them make sense



  2. aw, happy birthday kelsey. <3 i hope it's a great one. ^-^

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELSEY! I hope it's fantastic.
    (also I thought it was Patrick Stump's birthday for a second bc of the picture on top)

    1. Same though I was super confused for the first like three paragraphs xD

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELSEY... and aw this is so cute aww <3


  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELSEEEEY. *throwing confetti*

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELSEY YOU AMAZING GIRL. <3 I hope you have an amazing day and may all of your birthday wishes come true!

  7. I don't know how to respond to things at all so bear with my as I just cry into the comment box, because that sounds right, sure I'll do that


    I still have that link to that guy, I might just write a whole essay about that guy one of these days as my hero. I will never get over that or the bar, or the fact that im staring at the sherlock mask right now

    (we still need to make up for the lack of webcam sessions that have been going on lately, but thats gonna have to be after finals. or before when we both fly far away to Guatemala or anywhere away from any computers at all. both work for me.)

    Psshhh, you're the one who inspired me in the first place, most of who I am and what I like is because of you. So thank YOU for sticking around and putting up with my dumb rants and obsessions for so long and inspiring ME to keep going. I still can't believe how far we've both made it already, and I can't wait to see what comes next. I hope we finally get to take that crappy car and sing FOB to all the buffalo soon, because Im so ready for that adventure. xD

    I don't even know what to say at this point, im sorta just sitting here trying not to cry since we just got home and I was 200% not ready for this wow my heart, but thank you so, so very much my fabulous little El Bandito, I had a wonderful day full of bags of oranges (I'm not even kidding, I spent the entire day in the hotel room eating a bag of oranges while watching Say Yes to the Dress it was great 10/10 goats) NOW I'VE GOTTA GO BEFORE I MELT INTO A MILLION TEARS.

    (And your sappy posts are beautiful and make me cry, never stop writing them)

    -Herbert Johnny Bob


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