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"What do you mean when you say you want to talk?"

"I mean I want to talk about the stars. About the sky, and the ocean, 
and the dirt beneath our feet. I want to talk about what makes 
your hands shake with fear. What you think is the best thing you've ever done.
 What you think is the worst thing you've ever done. I want to talk about what you
 would do if you knew the world was about to end--
right here, right now. I want to talk about religion, and music, and art.
I want to talk about the albums that defined your childhood,
 and the lyrics you still remember after all these years.
I want you to tell me what your favorite color is.
And then have you try and explain why.
I want you to listen as I tell you how beautiful you are,
and for once, have you not argue with me.
I want to talk about the way the sunshine makes your hair look,
and how endearing your smile is.
I want to talk to you about anything and everything,
as we sit here on the edge of the world alone.

That, my dear, is what I mean, when I say I want to talk."


school has swallowed me whole and i'm starting to wonder if it'll ever spit me back out. 
we'll just pretend that my first post for the year wasn't halfway into the month, okay? 

i hope you enjoyed whatever this concoction was, and that'll it'll tide you over until the end of finals, and my return from war
(it's so close, yet so far) 

have a lovely morning/day/evening/night. don't forget to smile. you're exquisite. 
if you're going through finals like me right now (or just a hard time in school), know that i believe in you, and we'll all get through it together. ^-^

xx Adaline 


  1. Absolute gorgeousness <3

    - Ellie


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