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{all my pics; tho you probs knew that already}

//for so long, i was scared to let go//
//and yet it became clear//
//there was no other way//
//so with shaking hands, i let go//
//of you//
//of the past//
//and suddenly, i was free//

reminder: it's okay to change and start fresh if you need to. 


in other news, i've kind of discovered the glory of cloud shots??? pretty sure that if there was an award for taking the most, i would have it. :}

the title of the post is the name of one of my favorite imagine dragons' songs. although to be fair, the whole of night visions makes me incredibly nostalgic + weepy. 

have a lovely morning/day/evening/night. don't forget to smile. you're a work of art. ^-^ 

stay street, stay alive. |-/


  1. shots of the sky are always the most beautiful. <3 love them, love this.

  2. Let's be real though: 99% of everything on my camera roll is shots of the clouds. They're just. So. Pretty.
    Your last two posts have really spoken to me - this one in particular. It's so hard to let go sometimes but then, when you do, everything just starts to fall into place. When you're not holding onto so much, you can notice the little things again - like the sky. :')

    1. i'm so glad i'm not alone.
      oh, thank you liv! that means so much to me-- and truly, once you let go you can see (and do) so much more. ^-^
      xx A

  3. gorgeous post. i love sky photography in general. and i agree with olivia^^ your posts have been grabbing my heart squeezing.


  4. Uh hi but I've been having a bit of an issue with your blog lately?
    Your photography causes me to spontaneously combust into a ball of pure amazement?
    Please stop this?
    For my own personal safety?
    Thank you?

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. but like?
      they're so bad?
      and i'm just not sure if you're looking at the right blog?
      b/c everything you do is far more amazing than me?
      and i adore you and your blog?
      so like???
      are we on the same page here?
      xx A


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