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i haven't been on this earth that long. none of us here have. but if there's one thing i've noticed, it's that a good lot of people are incredibly self-absorbed.

in a sense, yes, you should be. you should be aware of yourself. taking care of yourself, and ensuring that you're doing alright. that you're eating right, and remembering those important health related things. that you take care of that thing you keep forgetting to do. you should be in tune with your body and mind and you should care about your well-being.

but what i've noticed is different to that. it is pure self-absorption. it's,'aww i'm sorry that happened. but listen to this worse thing that happened to me.' it's that we live in a society where out of the ten friends you have, you'll be lucky if two of them remember that something tragic happened to you and you're not doing well. it's the issue of my mother's friend only calling her at certain times of the day, so that she can talk only about herself, and then claim she has to go, before even making sure that our family is all still alive and doing okay. or when i hold the door for a family of six at a restaurant, and don't even get acknowledged by any of them, because they've all got their heads stuck in the ground. 

maybe it's just me. perhaps i was just raised with a big heart that cares too much, and a brain that has a liking for other people's stories + lives. i'm not perfect-- i know that very well. i forget things, and i screw up. Nonetheless, i try my best to make sure everyone i care about is life is doing okay. but it gets so fricking tiring when only a few care back. it's like we've all gotten to the point where we accept our own problems, but forget that others are struggling at the same time as us. 

perhaps this post itself will be written off as self-absorption, too, because i'm talking about myself and a problem that affects me.

perhaps, we're all just living in a self-absorbed world, with our self-absorbed selves.


have a lovely time, whatever time it may be where you are. do smile for me + remember that you're gorgeous. :0)


  1. this is so true. i am a selfish person, i know that. i think everyone is. it's kinda how conversations go- i say something about me you say something about you. but what if we could change that? i have no idea.

    most people acknowledge me when i hold open a door. maybe i come from a polite town.

    although this rich girl named riley asked me if i had a date to semi and i was like duh and she was like who and i was like my bf. she was like you have a bf?! and she didn't even know who i was talking about. i was like we go to a 200 kid school get your ish together. after all everyone remembers the dorky riley with braces and glasses before she has "so many" dates to semi. << i'm talking about myself talking about a girl who only cares about herself. jeez >>


    1. i think there's a fine line between talking about the events in your life while still being respectful and asking others about their own day, and just being purely self-absorbed.

      i find that most people usually at least nod their head at me while i hold the door for them, but there's also a good chunk who just breeze past without even glancing at me.

      so many people are just wrapped up in themselves and y'know, maybe i'm just different, but i just don't see how you can live life like that, + not even recognize the people you see daily.

      xx A

  2. absolutely beautiful post, magma, it really got me thinking.

    in my life, i've found that the older someone is, the more aware of others they seem to be. most adults i run into are greatful for the things i or others have done to help, and i really try to return the gesture. the vast majority of the people i go to school with, however, are obsessed with the idea of self-pity and attention. oh, so you had dance for 4 hours last night? sure, tell them all about how much you hate it and how tough your life is because you got home at 10 after something you signed up for. but everyone else? nah, who cares about what they might be going through or what's on their minds. i'm not always the greatest at checking up on people, but ask anyone that knows me irl and they'll tell you the first thing i say to anyone when i see them during the day is "how are you?" or some variation of that question. it can get annoying, since i really do ask all the time, but i just want to let them know that i do care even if i don't always act like it. you know what i mean?

    anyways, i'll stop now. again, lovely lovely post. you really have a way with words. <3

    1. thank you!! <3

      i totally get it. it's just kind of common courtesy for me to say,'hey, how you doing today?' and i get that we're not all raised the same and everyone's circumstances are different but there are still universal things taught and i feel like so many simple, basic manners just aren't anymore.
      i feel like //so// many people complain merely for attention/self-pity, like you said. this generation typically seems to compete for that specific thing, and it boggles my mind.

      thank you again!! that means a lot. ^-^

      xx A

  3. This really got me thinking about the people in this world. You're right. We are all self-absorbed. I remember this one year my family and I were on vacation in Myrtle Beach. We used to play this game of how many people actually said thank you when we held the gate to the beach for them. Out of about twenty people, only 2 said thank you. So sad. Where did manners go?


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