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Top Ten Tuesday is kind of my favorite thing ever, and I miss doing the posts!! But after looking at some of the upcoming prompts I had no clue what to do for any of them, so I thought I'd scrounge up a previous prompt from years prior before I started book blogging. Today I'm going to be delving into all my slightly shameful/unpopular bookish opinions and hoping one of you can relate. 


1.) I OWN AT LEAST 15 BOOKMARKS... and I never use them. They are in reach !! They're super nice and high quality !! I even have neat Hobbit bookmarks !! But I always find myself grabbing the most unconventional things to mark my places in books. I've used kleenex, random business cards, folded notebook paper, sticky notes, you name it. I may have also dog-eared once or twice?? (whoops.) Basically, anything that isn't a bookmark will be used as a bookmark by me.

2.) I HAVE 80+ PHYSICAL BOOKS ON MY SHELVES THAT I HAVE NOT READ. *cue hysteric screaming* I KNOW, I KNOW. In my defense, I almost never pay full price for a book, though? Through the use of B&N membership, Book Outlet, coupons, Amazon, + used bookstores, I've managed to get 95% of my books super cheap. AND LOOK, I NEED OPTIONS OKAY. I'm such an intense mood-reader, and having a large tbr, while sort of anxiety-inducing, is actually kind of nice because it means I have a lot of options when it comes to how I'm feeling.
(can you hear how hard I'm trying to justify all this)

3.) I REALLY LIKED TWILIGHT AND I STILL DO. Look, just go ahead and sue me, okay. I know it's wrong. They're problematic as hell and I acknowledge that, I do. But it doesn't stop my tender inner 13 year old from clutching on to them all these years later and refusing to let go of them. They got me back into reading, and they're so damn atmospheric & easy to read?? And Alice is kind of my favorite person ever.
(plus lee pace is in the last two films so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i digress)

4.) I DON'T UNDERSTAND THE BOOKISH CANDLE CRAZE. This is more of a #bookstagram thing but it's such a rabid and fierce obsession and it just... leaves me scratching my head? Candles are great, don't get me wrong, but there's people who have like 50 of them and I don't get it all. They're so damn expensive too?? Do you know how many books can be bought in place of like three candles? 

5.) I LOVE MUSHY ROMANCE STORIES. I cried like a baby at the end of The Vow, and even more at the end of La La Land. I've reread The Hating Game an ungodly amount of times. I have this massive fondness of the idea of soulmates, and as much as I complain about romances in books, there's such a large part of me that is ready to cry when they're done well, and I love cheesy, lovey-dovey stuff. 

6.) I HATE DUMBLEDORE. Like, viciously. He used his influence over Harry to get him to do absolutely insane things and then he just?? Dumped him back in an abusive household? Yeah, no. 

7.) I EAT WHEN I READ SOMETIMES AND I AM SHAMEFULLY MESSY ABOUT IT. I have all the usual bookworm fears when it comes to loaning out books, but an additional one of mine is that I'm petrified somebody will find a food stain in them, especially in older books of mine. I've gotten better about eating certain "stainless" snacks when I occasionally eat and read, but I'm not going to lie, there's a book on my shelves with cheeto fingerprints, and another with chocolate candy stains. I'm ashamed.

8.) SOMETIMES I LIE AND COUNT DNF BOOKS TOWARDS MY READING GOAL FOR THE YEAR. Look, I gave them all my best shot okay. There was just as much effort involved in that partially finished book as there was a finished one, and I'll be damned if my struggle wasn't worth something. 

9.) I ACTUALLY LIKE READING WITH THE BOOK JACKET ON. Apparently this is pretty blasphemous, because all I ever hear is people complaining about how much they hate hardcover book jackets. But I like them?? It gives me something to fiddle with while I read? And I'm inwardly a vain reader who likes others to see the pretty cover of the book I'm reading. 

Image result for sue me gif

10.) I HAVE UNFOLLOWED PEOPLE OVER BOOK DISAGREEANCES. This sounds horrible bUT LET ME EXPLAIN. I don't mind disagreeing with people about books, obviously. That's what makes reading such a unique experience and fun thing to come together about. But there are some books that I have serious problems with, and while I don't mind seeing other's post about them, I do mind when they refuse to acknowledge their problematic parts, and use any excuse to get into a fight with others. So I'm not evil, I swear! There's just only so much toxicity I can take. 

And there we go, 10 of my book-related confessions! Now, let's chat! What are your bookish confessions? Do you understand the book candle hype? And do you use bookmarks, or are you a nontraditional bookmark user like me? TELL ME ALL THE THINGS.


  1. I also rarely uses bookmarks, don't understand the candle craze (yes they are great but again, expensive!) and also disliking Dumbledore! In fact I just posted a rant about him last month I think detailing why I didn't like him xD 3/10 with your list, so not bad :D

    Tasya // The Literary Huntress

    1. they're so absurdly expensive, like i really don't understand the trend. O_O
      thanks for commenting, tasya! <3

      xx a

  2. I read hardcovers with the jacket on as well, I actually didn't realise that people didn't until someone did a poll about it on Twitter! I quite like bookish candles, but have never actually bought one for myself. I have a load of unread books on my shelf as well, I feel like all bookworms do! I hate mushy romances in books but I will watch a million and one rom-coms and love them all!
    My TTT:

    1. it's definitely something i didn't think about either until i became a larger part of book social media! and bookish candles can be super pretty, but i never feel the urge to buy them.
      thanks for commenting and stopping by! :)

      xx a

  3. Okay, so I own *ONE* bookish candle because it was in an Illumicrate that I justified buying because it was my present to myself for finishing the semester, it's fine, right? RIGHT?? yeah, probably not :P I've never even burned the damn thing, I'm honestly afraid bc I'm like "BUT IT'S MADE OF S O Y AND COSTS THE SUMS OF LIKE 3 PIZZAS" bah. It smells super delicious though!
    I have a bit of an obsession with a particular kind of bookmark. I keep losing them though, so I have to get more :/ They're these absolutely adorable little silicone thingies that are shaped like either tiny little sprouts or four leaf clovers. Since they're made of silicone, they don't fall out of the book, and when you open the book and have the stem in the middle where the pages meet, IT LOOKS LIKE THE LITTLE SPROUT IS GROWING and it's too fricken cute I can't deal with it.
    I have committed the dog-earing atrocity many a time. Burn me at the stake.
    I will never be able to read with a dust jacket on, all right??
    THANK YOU FOR HAVING A B&N MEMBERSHIP. As a (semi-secret) B&N employee, I thank you for saving me from having to spiel as to why it ACTUALLY is worth it. ;)

    1. I UNDERSTAND ALL OF THAT COMPLETELY THOUGH. like i'd be fine getting one if it was gifted to me/came in a book subscription box, but there's no way i could ever justify buying it for myself. i'd rather buy a book tbh.
      oh my god, i've seen those everywhere and adore them !! i'm in serious need of them.
      AHH YOU'RE WELCOME. the fam has been proud members for years and it's honestly such a life-saver with all the coupons and deals it includes. <3
      (also hi i am super jealous that you're a b&n employee. what a dream job)

      xx a

  4. I have so many bookmarks, too! I just don't use them a lot because I only read one or two books at a time. I just got one from the Nature Conservancy that has a baby bear on the cover <3

    I think it's valid to count your dnfs towards your challenge! I personally don't, but I often read over half of a book before I dnf it. So it's more like I've read it than I haven't.

    Great post!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. i wish i was able to restrain myself to only reading one or two books at a time ahh. i'm the absolute worst when it comes to how many things i'm "currently reading."

      that bookmark sounds like the cutest. baby bears are so precious. <3

      i'm glad you think so! i always figure that i give them as much effort as i do books i finish, so i think it's only fair that i get something out of them.

      thanks for commenting, ellie! <3

      xx a


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