Liebster Award || Dragons, Villains, & Dead Flowers, Oh My

I'd planned out this really fun post and was all excited to have it up this week and then I realized just how much formatting work it needed, along with editing, and that plan for having it up soon pretty much flew out the window. Which was kind of stressful because I needed something to post on my scheduled days. bUT, lucky for me, the ever fantastic Kris @ Lemon Notes came through and nominated me for the Liebster Award. I can't even remember the last time I've been officially nominated for a tag?? (this is the point where if you have, I beg you to remind me because I have the memory of a goldfish) I usually just steal them from others like the unashamed blogger I am. SO THANK YOU KRIS, LOVE. If you haven't somehow checked out this lovely's blog, then what are you doing?? Go forth and enjoy her wickedly terrific humor!

  • Thank the person(s) who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions they gave you.
  • Nominate 11 blogs and let them know they’ve been tagged.
  • Give them 11 questions to answer.


!.) What is an animal you think should exist, but the world is a cruel place and has not made this happen yet?

2.) Are you creeped out or delighted by bouquets of dead flowers?? (I have a bunch of these and I love them)
I'm the person in the house who gets absurdly excited when someone receives flowers, because it means that when they get close to wilting, I get to take them and dry them to use in photos as props. So dead flower bouquets make me ridiculously happy.  

3.) Do you prefer heroes or villains?? Why?
Villains. They're often more interesting, fleshed-out, and multi-faceted. They show a different side to things, and I'm such a sucker for a good villain backstory. Also, their costumes are usually 10x better. I'm not ashamed to say that I'd probably play a villain in a story if it meant I got one of their badass costumes. 

(oh look i found another excuse to use a gif of this costume !! i'm obsessed i'm sorry)

4.) When is the last time your power went out?
I can't...remember?? Sometime within the past three years during a storm, I think? I don't remember it being particularly long. 
Edit: WAIT WAIT, NO. AFTER THINKING ABOUT IT I'M WRONG. The last time the power went out was this year when one of the parentals accidentally tripped the power. Sorry for blaming you, mother nature. 

5.) Do you get angry first and then cry, or cry first and then get angry?? (THIS IS FOR SCIENCE)
I get angry AND start crying at the same time so I'm not sure what that tells you about me, but I hope it aids in your scientific experiment. 

6.) Are memes simultaneously the best and worst thing to ever happen? (when I say memes, I’m referring to things like “Be like Bill” or the “but that’s none of my business” kermit the frog meme)
YES. I feel like there's a good batch of memes that make me laugh like nothing else (the kermit one is pretty much my fave tbh), and then there's the bad batch that causes either incessant cringing or mild confusion on my part. 

7.) Do you enjoy or hate the feeling of microfiber fabrics?
Pretty sure microfiber fabrics are what one set of my bed sheets are made out of and I hate those with a fiery passion so I'm just going to say hate and hope that I'm thinking of the right material. 

8.) What is your favorite kind of tree??
THANK YOU FOR ASKING THIS QUESTION BECAUSE I HAVE MAJOR TREE FEELINGS. I absolutely love willow trees. They're so pretty and give me such fantasy story vibes; like you'll part the branches and step into another universe altogether. It's my dream to have this cute little cottage one day with a huge willow tree out back that I can read under and string lights in. 

9.) Do you think the actually scary stuff in life is the really, really boring stuff?? (retirement plans and wills) or do you think it’s stuff like when the door opens on it’s own accord at 3 AM?
Honestly I've watched too many Supernatural episodes to be scared of the door opening at 3 AM. I'd just fling some salt out into the hall and then go back to bed. 

Things like taxes and debt on the other hand, terrify me to death. Let's not discuss them okay? I'm not ready to cry yet today.

10.) Favorite TV show from your childhood?
I am a massive Spongebob fan and I have no shame over the matter. The newer episodes veered into the gross zone but the first few seasons are my absolute favorite set of tv episodes on earth. 

11.) What is your favorite pair of shoes?? (I have this pair of boots that i’ve had for like 5 years now and even though they are starting to fall apart I REFUSE to get rid of them)
I've got these black high-heeled boots that I would probably rush into a burning building to save. They lift me all the way up to 5' 7" and are honestly a god send. I can't effing wait until it gets colder and I can wear them again. I'M COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS TO FALL. 

And there we go! Thanks again to Kris for the fun questions and the nomination. This is the part where I'm supposed to nominate people but considering the fact that I sat here and could barely come up with 6 blogs to mention, I'm just going to let it be a free-for-all and let you "steal it" if it pleases you so. 

LET'S CHAT. Where are my fellow dragon-loving people?? Do you think dead flowers are awesome or are they a bit too macabre for your taste? And most importantly, who else is super excited for the fall season and all that comes with it? (I'm 110% ready for everything to become pumpkin flavored again) 


  1. I love spongebob too! And yeah, I think I also watched too many SPN to be scared of ~supernatural things. Dragons on the other hand, even though they are awesome, are scary.

    dead flowers are cool, i use them all the time for photoshoots with my friends that i never seem to post on my blog.
    i really want pumpkin stuff rn. there's a huge pumpkin vine thingy in my backyard and i'm convinced that the dancing pumpkin is going to pop out one day xD

  3. I consider your dragon idea. I offer an additional suggestion: mini dragons. Dragons who can sit on your shoulder and make a nest in your room with plenty of living room for both of you. Dragons the size of, say, corgis. MINI DRAGONS, FAM.

    I'm a villains kind of girl, as well! Mainly because I feel that the motives of villains (greed, envy, anger, etc) are often more relatable than the motives of heroes (to do....good? and the right thing? but those two concepts are totally subjective???).

    The last time our power went out was on the fourth of July. A huge storm swept through my city and made a branch fall onto our power lines! Sparks and smoke exploded out from all our sockets (and my mom wasted no time shouting "WHAT DID YOU DO THIS TIME??" to my dad). We called the electrical company, but even though they classified it as an emergency, they still didn't get out to fix it until the wee hours of the morning.


    I'm fairly certain Small(er) Ellie once had several pairs of microfiber tights. If I remember correctly, they were such that if one so much as poked them or massaged the skin underneath, the delicate little threads would snap and unravel and create huge gaping holes out of nowhere like some kind of random portals to hell.

    SPEAKING OF HELL. And supernatural things in general. Do you watch Buzzfeed Unsolved?? I just started it recently. Some of the supernatural episodes freak me out, but the true crime stuff is always really interesting! AND RYAN AND SHANE ARE SO WONDERFUL. Since you love Supernatural, it seems like a show you'd really enjoy!!

    The New Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh is THE only show I watched in my childhood, and I still love it to DEATH.

    YOUR BOOTS SOUND AMAZING. I have these steampunk-esque, red, heeled, leather combat boots (that's a lot of adjectives wow) that I ABSOLUTELY ADORE. Sadly, they're getting pretty frayed and beaten up because I wear them so often. BUT I STILL HAVE SOME TIME LEFT WITH THEM.

    HALLELUJAH FALL. My favorite part is all the colors - the blue of the sky seems so much brighter, and all the leaves turning gold and red and orange against it is so magnificent! I also love the crispness of the weather <3

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  4. Great answers, Adaline! I also loVE flowers (dead, alive or fake). I use them all the time for photos. AND FLOWER SHOP AU'S ARE AMAZING. <3 Kermit memes are so good; along with THE FLOOR IS LAVAAA. Your new shoes sound awesome. I really want big, black combat boots. :,)

    anna | annaish

    Also, thank you for all the love you are the sweetest of beans.
    I KNEW when I asked that what animal should exist question all the answers would be like DRAGONS DRAGONS NOW but I was like hey this is fine because there are two types of people in the world. People who love dragons, and people who should not have the privilege of being a people. Best to let this tag work that one out for me ;)
    See, I'm so weird with my dead flowers because I don't use them for anything. they're just sweet little dead and creepy decorations scattered throughout my house, and my mom is like wtf whhhhyy and I'm like MOM ITS BECAUSE ART or something.
    I will become a pumpkin in approximately 13 days. Literally, september 1st. Also, fall clothes are 382473294 times better than all other seasons of clothes clearly.
    I'm so glad I was able to safe your life with this tag!


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