~Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award~

The lovely Tudda Pudda nominated me for this award, and I'm really excited to do this. You can check out the original post at The Tudda Pudda Diaries HERE. Do say hello to her, & give her a follow if you like what she does. (But how could you not?)

The Questions:

1) Book you wish you could be sucked inside of for at least an hour?
Any of the Tolkien books. I'd love to be sucked into those stories.

2) What are you most afraid of?
Anything medical/blood. I am positively terrified of doctors, and even a little cut can freak the heck out of me. >_<

3) Character's chapters you did not enjoy reading. And skipped or almost did.
Mmm... can't think of an answer to this at the moment. Truthfully I probably just stopped reading the book altogether. xD

4) A book you bought brand-new that is now torn because of how much you read it.
Inkheart. Entwined. My Heirs of Chrior book has been well sifted through as well.

5) Do you have a certain routine you have to do before you sit down to read a book?
Not really. I usually just grab a book and plop down. Or follow my mum around the store reading; trying not to kill a nearby shopper. xD

6) Fave animal in 3 seconds? 1-2-3! 
Wolf. Which is ironic because where I live, most everyone hates them. :P

7) Where do you THINK you'll be this time next year?
I was going to reply sarcastically and probably say right here on the couch with my laptop but... 
I hope that I will be doing something productive, and perhaps have hopped back into public school.

8) Pick ONE: Writing, drawing or musical instruments? 
Writing. All the way.

9) Would you rather, never have to sleep or never have to eat? 
Never have to sleep. I could get so much done. xD

10) And last but not least, if you could un-invent one thing, what would it be?(Whoa, gettin' all serious XD)
*crickets chirping*
I guess anything harmful to people I'd like to be un-invented. I can't think of a specific thing...

Thank you once again for this Tudda Pudda! 
It was so fun. <3

If you'd like to do this, let me know & I'll whip up some questions for you. =)

Have a lovely Sunday everybody.


  1. Love your answers as well!
    And thanks for such a sweet "mentioning"(that is what you call it, right? lol) But anyway, really made me smile. :p
    I hope I worded the questions right because I was a bit worried no one would understand. XD


    1. Thanks, dear!
      And I think it'd be dubbed a mentioning... xD Glad it made you smile. <3
      And oh, I think you worded them fine. At least, I understood them. :}

  2. Replies
    1. It is! Would you like to use the questions I answered, or do you want me to email you some? =)

  3. This was so fun! Congratudalations Adaliiiiiiiiiine.
    Also, quick question, how did you get the sidebar to be separated? Like in the boxes? Idk I think it looks cool. ;)

    1. Thanks Leah.
      It's actually the template I have it set to. It's the specific thing that comes with it. =)


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