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{slowly integrating myself back into the blogging community. trying to find everything i've been tagged for/mentioned in. i apologize in advance for all the comments on decades old posts.}

The very lovely Sunset, over at The Sunset Sky, was sweet enough to nominate me for The Wisteria Writer's Tag. I don't tend to talk a lot about my writing, as I'm a shy smol little bean when it comes to talking about my WIP's, so I appreciate all of y'all gently pushing + encouraging me to talk about my writing. ^-^

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you 
2. Answer the ten questions
3. Write ten questions of your own 
4. Nominate other people for the tag!

1) What one thing do you struggle to write the most? (Romance scenes, battles etc....)
Properly getting images in my head on paper. I'm 110% a perfectionist at heart, and I struggle with myself a lot when trying to write vital scenes, because I want to be able to write it down exactly as I see it.
((Which is not entirely achievable but y'know.))


2) Favourite character(s) from your current WIP?
Elliott from The Bastard Boys, because I have a thing for slightly psychotic characters, and he's such a fun + interesting character for me to write about. 

3) Why exactly did you begin writing?
I think that's a question for little me.
I honestly can't remember when or why I started writing. I've got really early pivotal moments that I can remember being so in love with writing, but I truthfully don't remember which really started it all, or what the one true factor was. 

4) AHHH! The library is on fire and there is (conveniently) only enough time to save three books. Which ones do you save and why?
This question is evil. How dare you. 
-Entwined by Heather Dixon ((because nostalgia))
-A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J Maas ((because I'd have to save something of the queen's))
-We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson ((because feels, and importance))

And if The Foxhole Court ever made an appearance in a library, you can bet I'd damn the consequences, get burned, and save that too.


5) If you are currently working on a WIP, give a brief synopsis of it below.
Psychotic mother hen takes in many outcast boys, and one angry girl + her doe-like cousin. There's an island, and the ocean, and lots of rain. Blind boy breaks someone's nose, and the Thompson boys get pummeled. Mother hen goes to jail. Angry girl learns to let her guard down. Fancy cars sink into the ocean, and half of the port burns down. Old Fodder gets a murder trial even though he really doesn't deserve one. Clinically insane mother hen has done something and nobody knows what. Guns get shot by pretty girls. The introverts get shit done. There's lots of coffee, cigarettes, and chocolate. Everybody loves each other, but nobody loves each other.

*jazz hands*

The Bastard Boys! Coming to a store near you!

6) Which time period do you prefer to write about?
Time periods don't generally concern me, because I tend to write fantasy and have my own timeline/period. I guess when writing outside of fantasy though-- the first half of the twentieth century?? Idk. I like old stuff. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

7) First, second or third person narrative?
Third. Always third. 

8) What's the best piece of writing advice you've ever received?
Go with your gut. Write what you want, and what you need. Just write, and get things out there, because it helps make writing come so much easier. Make your story a hodgepodge of things you love, because it will make it both easier to write, and harder to give up on. 

9) Is diversity an important thing in books for you? Why? How diverse is your own writing?
Diversity is as important as breathing for me. It's extremely important and relevant in every form of media, and it aggravates me to no end when there is no representation or diversity in books. 
I try to as diverse as I can in my writing, whether it concerns handicaps, mental illness, sexuality, or race. I strive to make my writing as realistic as possible, and provide as many opportunities for people of all types to be able to relate to. I know there's likely areas I'm lacking in, but I'm definitely trying to be as conscious as I can when it comes to diverse writing. 

10) What genre do you prefer to write about?
Fantasy. ^-^

|| x ||

Again, thank you so much for the tag, Sunset! I'm pretty sure everybody I know who writes has been tagged/already done this, so I'm not sure who to nominate. If you want to do it, feel free to use the questions I answered above, or you can ask me to make up some for you in the comments below. :)

I hope you're all having a lovely start to the month! Don't forget to smile for me, because you're fantastic. 


  1. AHHHH What a wonderful way to come back with a boom and a- um- book!

    Answers were great, WIP sounds great, and one of my favourite bloggers are back in business! I am very happy to see you back, and thank yooou for being lurvely :)

    1. THANK YOU M'DEAR. i'm happy to be back in (mostly) full swing! <3
      thank youuuu for being even lovelier. ^-^
      xx a

  2. THIS TAG IS AMAZING TBH. After reading your answer to question 5 .. I NEED TO READ YOUR BOOK HJKLHJKLLHKHLHJ .. "The Bastard Boys" *clenches fists with a hungry passion*.

    anna | annaish

    1. ISN'T IT??
      and ahh, thank you!! that means so much. i promise more bastard boys stuff will come soon. ;)
      xx a

  3. the bastard boys had better be coming to a store near me or i'll break into your house and steal a copy for myself.

    evelyn clickman @ if these stars shall fall

  4. Great tag!!! I've missed your posts!!

    1. ahh, thank you evie, love! <333
      xx a

  5. I CAN'T WAIT TO READ WE ARE THE ANTS. I've been reading a ton of fantasy lately, so I might take a small break and dive into a couple contemporaries soon.

    The Bastard Boys sounds very intriguing! (If you ever need a beta reader, hmu ;) )

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. I LOVES IT SO MUCH IT'S THE BESTEST. taking small breaks from fantasies is definitely a good idea. they're so good but so exhausting???

      thank you! and i will! <3
      xx a

    OMG YOUR BOOK SOUNDS SO AMAZING I CANNOT EVEN. Excuse me while I just wait impatiently for it to come to that store near me. Or like I might just look over your shoulder while you write it. That wouldn't be distracting or awkward at all, right?? OF COURSE NOT.
    (But omg it sounds brilliant.)
    And I totally agree with what you said about diversity *nods* And also talking about writing is sometimes hard and I get super nervous about it too, so you're not alone!! And psychotic characters the most fun to write. I honestly don't think I'd like to be left alone in a room with half of my characters. They're all a little...scary. Ahem.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and yessss I have We Are the Ants on my TBR!

      i totally feel you on the not being alone with your characters thing. i don't trust any of them. tbh i'd probably have to hit half of them with a book to defend myself. xD
      thank you again for the sweet comment, cait! <3
      xx a

  7. Excuse my screaming but, I JUST NEED YOUR BOOK ALREADY JUST TAKE MY MONEY AND WRITE IT. Ahhhhhhhh Great post ^-^
    - Sarah ☽

      thank you for the sweet comment, + stopping by! ^-^
      xx a

  8. I love reading tags! Your blog is lovely kudos to you! (new follower here)



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