Jumbled Thoughts #5

Hello, and welcome to the fifth edition of madness and pictures. 

The posts written in the evening by a gal who has no social life and laughs at her own jokes. 

Let's get started, shall we? xD

Once again, Tom Hiddleston has done a thing to help a charity; this time reciting a tongue-twister. 
(He fails miserably but is adorable as he does)

It was also Tom's 34th birthday yesterday. Happy birthday to a wonderful actor and such a sweet, British man. ^____^

In other news, at the end of the VH1 Super Bowl Blitz concert Patrick Stump made to spin around and ended up falling. 

The adorable dork is fine though. 

LoTR gifs are always so beautiful to me.

Sounds weird, but I mean shade, lighting and everything. The gifs are just always so pretty.

Kelsey and I had a really long talk yesterday about how we feel about ourselves, jealousy of others, and pretty much anything and everything that can be associated with one's own image and their dissatisfaction of it. 

We both ended up feeling quite better after the talk, and I think I learned quite a few things. 

Can you guys promise me something? 

Promise me you'll never change because somebody doesn't like you, or your interests. Promise me you won't try to change yourselves because somebody else wants you to. Because you're all beautiful, amazing people. <3

Can we all just agree that Hayley Williams has amazing hair? I'd dye my hair if I could get it to look like hers.

No post would be complete without the friendship that is Dan & Phil. ^-^

Speaking of Phil, he finished playing Shelter and it was... just watch it. xD

For any My Chemical Romance fans. 

And to finish off, a very special and hilarious Valentine for y'all.

Anybody else seen that shirt on Etsy that says,"More useless than Dan Howell's belt?" 

I want it. xD

I hope everybody has a fabulous Tuesday. <3


  1. Pats failed spin. Oh, please help me. xD
    I promise you that I will never change who I am. With everything thats in me I will try.

    1. Adorable, right? xD
      I hope not, cause you're so funny and sweet, Ry. <3

  2. Awww, Dan and Phil are so cute together!! And that card though. lol
    But still, I don't think I should be around you anymore since you have made me watch Phil's videos every waking moment, and you might be getting me interested to Fall Out Boy. xD

    1. They are. <3
      Haha, I'm sorry I keep bringing things upon you. xD
      (Fall Out Boy is worth it though.)

  3. Oh Pat <3
    (seriously Adi what did you turn me into)
    That valentine is incredible, btw. :D
    Having that sort of talk is always good. Whenever I have one I always feel almost....unclogged, cleaned out, you could say, sort of fresh and ready to begin again, and like I can see everything so much clearer because someone just wiped the dirt and dust off the glasses I view the world through (metaphorically. I do have actual glasses, but I'm not talking about those :) ).

    - Ellie

    1. Haha, I'm sorry. :}
      YES. Dan & Phil forever. <3
      Ikr? I love it.
      That's exactly the feeling I had. It's a nice one. ^-^

  4. Patrick is the best. Even when he is failing miserably.

    1. Oh. And there is no way I am changing who I am for someone else. And if they ask me to, the door is right there.

    2. He is. ^-^
      And yes. The door is right over there, don't let it hit you on the way out. :P xD

  5. Ok. Just. Ok. So heres a story!
    So, I have been reading this blog, hoping that one day I would actually understand the gifs, of Dan and Phil. But last week I decided to watch them and now I am hooked. THANKYOU. Also, I started watching Phil play shelter, and now I love him even more.
    Ella xoxo

    1. Oh, I'm so glad you decided to watch Dan & Phil!
      Haha, no thanks needed. I'm so happy you like them!
      And Phil playing Shelter is the greatest. ^-^


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