Quirks, Eccentrics, & Tidbits II

#2: I always struggle with putting how I feel into words when talking. 


  1. Yeah, I get that sometimes too. But with me it's more I feel freer to say what I want to say on paper than I do with people. Because with people, it can be misinterpreted and turned on its head and I could be made miserable. But who is there to judge me when it's just me and the paper?
    My tidbit: I really like tofu.

    - Ellie

  2. OMG I love Llamas. I may have met one last year called Lucas( It also could have been a dream or hallucination, I'm not sure, I'm just really weird you know) I totally relate to this. That's why I write and blog. Words seem to flow better when I can write them down. I'm less likely to make a mistake and it seems more thought out and poetic. There's this quote by Anne Frank where she says 'Paper has more patience than humans'. I think it's certainly true, what about you? Star Girl

  3. I totally understand how you feel. I have this issue too. Sometimes my emotions are better expressed on paper than they are out loud.

  4. Absoloutly! I always feel like I can't talk to people the way I write on paper. : )


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