My 10 go to "Cheer You Up" Videos

I had kind of a crud day on Monday.

And I quickly learned that after crying so hard I gave myself a headache, there is nothing better than watching videos to cheer myself up.

Honestly, this post is probably more for me than anybody else, but I thought I'd share a list of videos that managed to make me feel better and smile again. =)

(Not really in any order)

#1: Dan the Dinosaur vs. Phil the Lion
I can't not laugh at this.

It's proven by myself that even when you feel like crap, this will not fail to make you laugh until you cry.

(Happily, of course.)

#2: Emoji Game w/ Fall Out Boy
The end of this is what I love.

The four dorks pretending to fly against the green screen makes me grin like a ninny. ^-^

#3: One of the Lads
Carrie is amazing. I want her hair.

'Nuff said.

#4: The Photo-Booth Challenge
If I call somebody an idiot it means they're adorable and I like them. 

Dan & Phil are idiots okay. 

Love them. ^-^

#5: The Phoenix & Sugar We're Goin' Down Acoustic
Besides the fact that Fall Out Boy songs are somehow beautiful in acoustic, Pat's an adorable little man-child who says things in between singing the songs like,"It's really warm in here. Like, really warm. But I will wear my sweater. Like a die-hard."

Seriously, how can you not smile?

#6: Immortals Acoustic
Another acoustic song, another adorable Patrick Stump moment.

He forgot the words to the song. 

Oh, Patrick. 

#7: Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart Lip Sync Battle (Jimmy Fallon)
I will not, and can not, ever get over Will Ferrell lip syncing to Let It Go. 

#8: Lost At the Mall
"Would Mr. and Mrs. Lester please collect their 6 foot 2 man-child?" 

#9: Jimmy & Kevin Hart Ride a Roller-Coaster
I love this to bits. Cracks me up every single time. 

#10: Phil Plays Shelter
I think this is one of my all-time favorites. There's two other videos continuing Phil's adventures as a "mother badger" and it's honestly one of the most amusing things ever. 

Sooooo hopefully you enjoyed this little post. If you watch any of the videos let me know, and let me know what videos (or things) cheer you up! 

And as promised, here's a valentine for y'all. ;)


  1. I'm sorry you had a bad day. *hugs* I hope you're feeling better! Love you!
    Also those FOB acoustics are lifeeeeeeee<3 thanks for sharing :)

    1. *hugs* I feel much better now that the week is slowing down. Thanks. <3
      Yessss they are. So addicting. ^-^

  2. YOU SHALL FEEL BETTER IF IT KILLS ME. *hugs* *chocolate cupcakes* And I know this will probably make your day most of all: I think you're slowly turning me into a Patrick Stump/Fall Out Boy fan. :D
    THOSE DAN AND PHIL VIDEOS ESPECIALLY THE FIRST ONE. I've seriously never been able to get over that one. <3
    When I find myself in need of being cheered up, I often listen to "I See Fire" by Ed Sheeran - that is my favorite song ever, and it never fails to make me feel amazing. And I'll often watch this video:, because the very best thing about politics is how incredibly laughably stupid it can sometimes be. :)

    - Ellie

    PS - That valentine is just perfect in every way. I know I'm like never a Thranduil fan, but that thing is seriously awesome. :)

    1. Haha, just you saying that made me feel all fuzzy. But... I will take the chocolate cupcakes. =3
      And oh, goodie! Patrick Stump is adorable, and Fall Out Boy is great. Do become obsessed like me. xD
      Dan and Phil for life. <3
      Oh, I love I See Fire. Ed's the greatest. ^-^
      I'll have to watch the video later, I'm sure it's great. xD
      (And oh isn't it just the epitome of perfection?! xD)

  3. Oh dear, I can't let you have a bad day, Adi! Quick, to the kitten video archives! =^-^=
    My mom just walked by the computer and I had left this open and she asked, "Oh my goodness, is Worcestershire okay?" because I told her about AG In the Shire once and she thought I had something about, 'Worcestershire' and the name kind of stuck. XD So, me and my mom are sending hugs and good thoughts your way! <3

    1. Hehe, to the kitten videos!
      Haha, that's funny, considering the fact that my family always has a joke about how none of us can seem to pronounce worcestershire sauce correctly. xD But tell your mom thank you for her concern. *hugs you and your mum* <3

  4. I'm so sorry you had a bad day *joins the Adi Group Hug Comments* *and races after Olivia into to the kitten video archives, squealing weirdly all the way because Shelby-Grace loves kitten videos* XD I'm so glad you are feeling better now, though! Here, have some kitten videos from Olivia and I to make sure you are extra-specially (yes, that is a word, from the very official Shelby-Grace dictionary.) good day =^-^= (Thank you for showing how to make a kitty face in comments, Olivia! I'm sure I will be using it again ;) ) I hope the rest of your week is much better than your Monday and remember we are always here for you if you need support ♥

    ♥ Shelby-Grace ♥

    1. It's alright. Was more brought upon by myself than anything. I tend to let things get to me more than I should. :P
      We can all watch kitten videos together though. xD
      Thanks for the comment and sweet words, Shelby-Grace. <3

  5. Yeah I had one of those last week. :( But watching Phil always makes me happy. I think one of my favorites is Phil is not on fire 3 when they make their voices squeaky with the helium. xD

    1. Sorry to hear you had a day like me. They're no fun. =(
      Phil can make anybody happy I think. He's just special like that. ^-^
      Oh, I love the Phil is not on fire stuff. The helium voices are the best. xD

    2. I'm sorry you had a bad day! . : ) Stay positive and hopeful, sunshine is behind the clouds!

  6. Aww.... sending chocolate and unlimited wifi your way <3 Along with hugs of course. Those days are really discouraging, but it'll get better. (cliche saying.... i know) also...i'm really contemplating watching a few of thos Phil videos.... i've been reading your blog for a while, yet I've never actually seen one. -_-

  7. I totally get you compadre. Ugh, can it just be summer already?
    These look highly amusing and I can't believe I didn't remember to watch them at two am this morning when I couldn't fall asleep.
    Lizzie McGuire is fabulous too though.


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