Currently ~March~

When I started out blogging, I told myself I wasn't going to do any type of post that was "popular," or like a normal thing for personals to do. 

*purses lips and twiddles thumbs* 

Also told myself as a naive 4th grader years ago that guys were icky and I'd never like one. 

Reaction or example? Your guess is as good as mine. 

I lie to myself okay? -_-

So yes, I'm hopping on that lovely bandwagon where I'll be doing a monthly post on what I currently like, what I'm listening to, etc., etc. 


Cress by Marissa Meyer (It's heaven and y'all need to go buy the series)


Big Hero 6 which I have been addicted to for the past week 

Listening To: 

Get the Gang Together (Gerard Way) & I'm So Sorry (Imagine Dragons) 

There's no video for I'm So Sorry that's not slowed down/with a changed pitch. Sowwy. :P 

Working On: 
Studying for a lovely math quiz (eww)

THIS from Hot Topic (Soon my preciousss, soon)
Also really kind of ticked Hot Topic; you dare file Gerard Way under screamo?!

This video (And FouseyTube in general) 

This Video

& this gif-set

About how I wish it was summer. I've got a few exciting things that are going to happen then and I can't wait for them to occur, and to be able to post about them. ^-^

Grateful For: 
Being able to have nice meals with family on the weekends. We always see my grandmother and it's such a great time. =)

*clears throat* 

*claps hands together* 

Hopefully you enjoyed that in some way; if not, I'm sorry, there will be a Jumbled Thoughts and a fun compilation post of some amusing videos soon. 

Have a great day everyone! ^-^


  1. *claps* loved this post, Adi :) Superwoman is certainly one of a kind =P

    1. Yay! I'm glad you liked it!
      And she is. She's probably my favorite YouTuber behind Dan & Phil. =)

  2. CRESS! *yells and screams while running around the room* I love the whole series! Fairest is amazing. The fall seems to far away to read winter.
    I can't wait for summer either. I did like this post.

      Fall is definitely too far away. So many new books that I'm waiting for come out then; I'm always broke that time of year. xD
      Thanks, Emily! =)

  3. Well done, somehow I enjoyed this more than other favorites type posts or videos ;) :)


  4. hhaaiRY BABY
    hhhhaaaaiirryyyy babbyyyyyyy
    *cough* xD
    (Big Hero 6 is life)
    Oh my gosh, I've seen that Cress book everywhere but my reading list is just unfairly long right now so I think I'm going to wait until I finish the ones I'm reading to buy it. Is it a fantasy book, or more science fiction?


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