Dear Grandma,
You don't have to gasp and try to replace your word choice every time you accidentally cuss. I find it amusing, and have known every word you try to cover up for years.

Dear Bri,
Yeah, I still remember you. I also remember you teasing a guy for "liking" me and always sitting next to me. I hope you finally realized that seats were assigned by last name, and not chosen by will. Also, I did like him. But I never would've told somebody like you.

Dear Sam,
I miss your antics, and talking to you. I heard you've changed but I'll still remember the girl who put a gift bag on her head and took so long to eat her different flavors of yogurt that it melted and turned brown. "Drunk on science," is still a treasured inside joke.

Dear W,
I never got to apologize for the end of the year debacle. Yeah, I did like you, but my friend asking for your phone number was uncalled for. I still have it written somewhere. Don't have the guts or will to use it.

Dear Lucas,
You were seriously amazing and I miss you. I could never keep a straight face in Social Studies, and I walked out with hiccups more than once. I hope you're still smiling and cracking jokes. You were the greatest.

Dear M,
You annoyed me so much. Not going to sugar-coat it. You were a butt. Thank you for shoving me forward during P.E. while I tried to explain that no, my mom didn't think I needed to be tested for Scoliosis as I already had been and that I was in the wrong room. There was no way in heck I was pulling my shirt up, and bending over in front of the likes of you.
Also, thank you for having an obnoxious laugh that just oozed evil.
I still don't like you.

Dear Dad,
I love you so much, but I really need a toddler-leash for you. Every time we're in the store I get a little heart attack when you wonder away. Please never stray farther than two aisles from me. Thank you. =)

Dear S,
I miss sitting next to you in advisory. I doubt you even really knew my name, but you always asked to play on my Kindle. I always let you. You got me laughing like a fool when you started reciting a scene from the Incredibles; with your different voices it was perfect.

Dear Art Teacher,
You were evil. Also, pretty sure your obsession with Van Gogh was unhealthy. You cried talking about him didn't you? I believe you did. You told us all to shut up, too.

Dear English Teacher,
I think you got married and had a baby. I'm so happy for you. Sad that I wasn't around at school long enough to become your assistant; just know that you were one of my favorite teachers. I miss talking to you.

Dear Mrs. G,
I miss you so much. For one year of my life you made science the best thing, and you were such a happy person. I was devastated when I heard that you'd be leaving the school but I guess it worked out because I did too. I hope your new job is going well.

Dear Grandpa,
I miss you. A lot. I pray to God and hope that you're doing well in Heaven. I don't probably think of you as much as I should. You were gone so soon and I wish I could've known and said more to you. I was angry, knowing that mom and grandma had gone to the hospital to bid you goodbye and left me home asleep. I came to terms with it shortly thereafter but I still wish I could've been there in person.
Sometimes I wish I would've paid more attention to your stories. I don't recall many.
I do recall the memories we made with you though.
I'll never forget those.

Dear Grandma,
Hi, it's me again. Just wanted to let you know that no, I'm never going to let you live down the incident in Vegas.
"Hey you! Yeah, I'm talking to you! YOU ALMOST KNOCKED ME OVER."
At least the British man was very diplomatic and apologized.
He could've knocked us all out.

Dear Kelsey, bestest friend in the world,
I am sorry for never shutting up. Also, for sometimes flipping out on you about LoTR/Hobbit things. I'm sorry sometimes I don't realize you're upset and am oblivious to what's going on. You have permission to prod me with a stick, go,"Hey doofus, let me talk," and I'll promptly put duct tape over my mouth and be silent. (The British duct tape of course.)

Dear Dad,
Remember that time we wanted to eat at the Mexican restaurant during vacation, and lo-and-behold you got us past the line and inside? Thanks for lying and saying it was Grandma's birthday. The expression on her face as they came out singing Happy Birthday and clapping their hands was priceless.

Dear Grandma,
Remember that? Yeah, I know you do.
They plopped a sombrero on your head that went as low as to your eyebrows and then pulled out a camera.
"Oh, God. They're taking a picture."
Pretty sure the picture is on the electronic photo frame. We'll have to go back one day; see if we can find it.

Dear Mom,
I'm sorry I sometimes don't talk to you in the car anymore. It's just that I don't like the radio.. The only way to listen to the music I like is to have headphones in. And I really can't hear anything with those suckers in.
If you want me to take them out, I will. Just let me know. I can suck it up and listen to the radio if it means I get to laugh and talk with you. =)

Dear other side of the family,
I don't like any of you.

Dear Patrick Stump,
You're a role model and inspiration to many people, including me. Thank you for being you, and never taking anyone's crap about your weight and how you look. You're amazing and I love you.

Dear Orlando Bloom
You finally cut your hair- thank the heavens. I can now resume to be proud of you being my first actor crush and gladly show pictures of you with your (short) amazing hair to everybody.

Dear Gerard Way,
How the heck are you 37? You don't age, both in looks and attitude.
Thank you for being an inspiration to me, and showing me that no matter how bad things can get, they will always get better. You're amazing, I love you, your Twitter is a gold-mine and Bandit is adorable, please hug her for me.
And that sideways thing you do with your mouth while talking? Yeah, it's adorable. Never stop.

Dear Future Husband (if you exist),
I promise not to make you watch chick-flicks, but you need to a least tolerate Lord of the Rings for me. Otherwise there'll be a problem. Also, please take me to England.

Dear Hot Topic,
Never go out of business. I refuse to go back to shopping at places that don't have band shirts.

Dear Weather,
Please make it rain more. I love the rain.

Dear A,
I hate that you text me for all of five minutes, and about useless stuff. A proper way to get a conversation going would be to ask a person how they are. Or perhaps, what they've been doing the past two years since you've seen them.
Just a thought.

Dear A,
Oh, and yes, sometimes I don't reply on purpose because you bug the crud out of me.

Dear Followers,
I love you all, and a special thanks goes to everybody who understand me.

Dear Betsy,
I love you, you're a great cat, but putting your paw on my arm and pushing harder the longer I don't pet you doesn't make me want to pet you. It makes me want to send you flying across the room.
(I wouldn't do that... but I can certainly imagine it.)

Dear self,
You're beautiful, shut up. So you don't have really thin thighs. Better for catching stuff in your lap, eh?

Dear Leah (Yes, you, the Blogger one),
You're crazy, the bomb, and I love texting you. Also, I'm honored that my blogs are bookmarked and you go on them so much. ^-^

Dear My Chemical Romance site,
I really, really, really wish you still offered the 2019 Killjoy packs. I want a ray-gun so badly.

Dear E,
I don't know if you liked me or what but I'm still 99.9% sure you stole the bow off my locker during Christmas just to annoy me.
It worked.

Dear elementary school friends,
Just know that I didn't stop hanging out with you guys because I didn't like you anymore or anything. I just gravitated towards people who suited my own type of crazy better.
I.E. Kelsey.

Dear Mom,
I laugh and say,"Nooo..." every time you say that Kelsey and I just send picture of guys back and forth to each other.
You're right, we really do just do that.

Dear Kelsey,


Dear Gerard Way,
I called you a squishy and I apologize for nothing.

Dear Imagine Dragons,
Can you make summer come faster? I really want to see you in concert right now.

Dear boy in Mexican restaurant,
Hey, hi. I know you don't remember me but yeah I remember you.
You let the door slam in front of my face instead of holding it open for me as I was leaving.
I hate you.

Dear doctors,
I know you took care of me when I was sick, and I want to say thank you. I really don't hate any of you, I just hate blood.
Although I do like the song by MCR. =3

Dear Mr. G,
Kelsey ran into you one day and told me that you remembered me. I was kind of shocked. But you were one of my favorite teachers ever. Just wanted you to know.
Also, I could probably do way better at the mile now than I did back then.
For once, I'm in shape.
Sort of.

Dear Ms. G,
You were the most evil teacher I think I ever had.
An FYI; by 3rd grade, all of us children were done watching Little Einsteins. Having to sit through that show, and lord help us all, sing and answer the questions to it, was just not going to happen.
I think you yelled at me.
Just know that I wanted to yell at you, too.
If only I had had guts way back then.

Dear Phil Lester,
You're a literal ball of sunshine, I love you so much, you always cheer me up, and you make Dan so happy. Thank you.

Dear Dan Howell,
You always make me laugh.
I love you to bits and pieces and your little dimple when you smile warms my heart.

Dear W,
Remember how I said I'd never text your number? Right, I won't. But if I did, it'd only be to ensure that you didn't end up with Bri. That's the one thing that I want to know most.

Dear boy in LL,
You complimented me on my hair and went,"Hey, I got you to smile."
I don't know if I was smiling because of the compliment, or because I hadn't showered that day, my hair was a greasy mess and I was amused that you found it pretty.
Anyways, thanks.

Dear Mr. B,
I swear to god, you have the voice of Blu from Rio. It drives me nuts. In the best way.

Dear Mom,
I don't wear makeup because a.) I feel I'm too lazy to go through putting on more things in the morning and b.) I'm pretty sure I'd poke my eye out and you'd have to take me to the emergency room. I'm clumsy.

Dear Parents,
I am literally never cold, and that's why I wear tank tops in winter.
Love you.

Dear Lydia,
Ugh, you were evil.
I hope you realized that seats in Orchestra were not assigned, that I had right to sit with whoever I wanted, and that Anjali was my friend and told me everything you said about me.
Love you too, ya little bugger.

Dear followers,
Hola. Just wanted to let you know that if any of you were thinking I was cool, or look up to me for some reason:
I'm a girl who literally sits on the couch for 5 hours a day, saving pictures, watching stupid videos, and listening to music. And when I'm not doing that, I'm wearing band bracelets, have my headphones in, and am trying not to punch every idiotic person in Walmart.
Hello, hi, yes, I'm such an inspiration.

Dear iPod,
If you ever die on me I'm going to cry because you are the sole reason I have tolerance in public situations.

Dear Mom,
I had my headphones in while the lady was talking to me at the bookstore but my music was off. No need to yank them out.

Dear Dad,
I know you don't like my music really, so I appreciate it when you let me listen to it while we exercise.

Dear Dad,
And I still can't tell if you were joking when you said you liked Panic! At the Disco's music.

Dear lady who stopped me outside of the store,
I'm really glad that you liked my Paramore tank, and how flowy and "modest," it was, but I was in the middle of trying to rush home with my dad and you were not helping our time situation. And I was wrong, the store wasn't the one with the brick front near the food court.

Dear Me 3 years back,
You are an idiot.
Very naive, and an idiot.
Did it ever occur to you to become your own person? Listen to music off the radio? For heaven's sake- know what your favorite color was?!
You would be scared of who I've become, I think.
Appalled that you turned out to love actors, bands, "punk rock," music, and always have band bracelets on your wrists. In utter shock to learn that I've realized there are others jobs besides writing. That the world is beautiful, people are different, and that I've stopped caring about others, what they think, and how they go about their lives.
I am happy. With my personality, with my body.
And I think that is why you would be shocked.


I hoped you enjoyed whatever this was. I've always wanted to do that thing where you write letters or something to people you knew. I thought this would be a fun entertaining post. Hopefully it did the trick. 

This post was partially inspired by THIS one. Thanks Star Girl. ^-^

I hope everybody has a good day! Smile, and have some fun. =) 


  1. This was an epic idea for a post, both for you and Star Girl. It's kind of scary just how much I can relate to things you say and things you like. I mean really. I honestly wish we knew each other in real life, because I think we'd become excellent buds! ^^ Hope you're doing well, Adi!

    1. Thanks, Eve! I always love hearing that people can relate; I'd love to know you too. It seems we'd get along like old chums. ^-^

  2. I'm EVIL?! *runs away and cries eating a tub of icecream while watching a lot of Star Trek* LOLLOL, just kidding. XD
    Anywaaay...this was a good idea. It was fun to read. XP

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Haha, no not you. You're such a sweetie, I could never call you evil. ^-^
      Thanks, Lydia! <3

  3. You remind me of Valkyrie Cain.
    Jus' sayin'. You probably don't know who that is. But you might. She's cool. and doesn't enjoy people. She is not a DJ.
    She's like a ninja sorcerer. Valkyrie is cool. You are cool, you two are a lot alike.
    ~Jess HHH :D

    1. I shall have to look up Valkyrie Cain. Never heard of her but if I remind you of her, I must know who she is. =D

    2. She's from Skulduggery Pleasant. :D

    3. I was going to say that name sounded familar

  4. This is an awesome idea. I laughed and smiled quite a few times while reading this. (-: Keep up the awesome! (And P.S. I discovered Fall Out Boys through your blog, and I like to listen to some of their songs while I'm (fake) studying. Thx girl)

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! That means a lot. ^-^
      Oh, I'm so glad you enjoy Fall Out Boy. Their music is amazing, eh? =)

  5. I LOVE THIS!! Ha, your grandma sounds a lot like mine. Except she doesn't even try to cover up the swear words. And if someone tried to put a sombrero on her head, she'd probably kick them in the gut.
    (I really like the one to the other side of your family. :) )

    - Ellie

    1. Thanks Ellie! Haha, sometimes mine does and sometimes she doesn't. Most often she does though.
      Thanks, again. =)

  6. Oh my family seems so different from yours...xD
    This is an amazing post Adi! <3

  7. I really don't know why I haven't followed you on this blog Adi. And BTW I loved this post! ^_^ Made me laugh.
    ~Leah <3

    1. Thanks for the follow. Glad you enjoyed the post. =)

  8. This is amazing on so many levels ♥ it made me smile :) and laugh ;) keep up being amazing, mate.


  9. This is one of the most hilarious and inspirational posts I think I have ever read. I totally agree with the one about your dad and a leash. One minute he's there, the next he's in an entirely different store. Thank gosh for cell phones.

    ~Jennifer Whyskers

    1. Thanks Jennifer! My dad doesn't keep a cell phone on him so I resort to just walking down the aisles calling for him. xD

  10. This is awesome. I may use this for a post...
    - June

    1. I only ask that there's a link back here.

  11. Ahh, yes. I feel like yelling at my enemies like that to their face on a daily basis. Yes, Alissa and Breanna, I'm talking to you. -_- I think it's great that you wrote this. Especially the little notes to your family, because they're funny! Ah, inside jokes. xD Is it weird that I have conversations with myself like this all the time? ;) Today, I was annoyed with this lady at school who was annoyed with me for "failing to bring a student I.d" that she failed to tell me to bring. -_- Ugh, I ranted in my head against her a bit. xD Same with the plant and soil teacher who got mad at me for asking to talk to a student that I had gotten permission from a teacher to talk to. Grr. It makes me angry all over again.xD Anyway, Adi, lovely post, and I am glad that you have developed a personality that you're not ashamed of. :D

    1. You too? Glad I'm not alone. xD
      Haha, thanks Ginny! Inside jokes indeed are the greatest.
      And no, I sometimes have little narratives going on inside my own head. It's quite amusing. xD
      Thanks again, Ginny! <3

  12. Such a fun post idea! This was really awesome.


  13. Dear Adi,
    Pssh, all our rambling and ranting sessions are honestly the best things ever. (Remember when we'd just rant angrily in all caps to no one in particular, both adding on to each other's arguments until we just ended up as one big angry mess and we didn't even know what we were ranting about in the first place, because that was the best) It's just one of the millions of reasons why we're best friends. xD AND PLEASE, LOTR AND THE HOBBIT IS THE BEST I JUST WISH I COULD BE A PART OF THAT BECAUSE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT; THE FANDOM, THE ART, THE MOVIES, AND THE BOOKS THEMSELVES, ARE ABSOLUTELY EPIC. Someday we'll have a LOTR and Hobbit marathon and be the female dan and phil and it'll be great. xD Also, I tend to get upset about really dumb things, and am really horrible myself recognizing when I need to shut up and just listen sometimes (80% of the time), I'll live jk xD (But I still have the British duct tape handy. It's a pretty snazzy roll of tape anyway.)
    "HUN, LEE PACE IS MY HUSBAND." -Me, whenever the heck that was (2k14 maybe)

    1. Oh I enjoy all our mad, angry rants. They are the best. Particularly when it ends on random stuff.
      That makes me feel better because sometimes I feel completely horrible and the cause of you being upset. GLAD THAT I'M NOT AND THAT THE BRITISH DUCT TAPE IS STILL AN OPTION. XD
      Yes, Lee Pace be your hubby. xD

  14. Wow, this was really awesome! I love how honest and hilarious the letters were. My favorite was: "Dear other side of the family, I don't like any of you." It made me laugh.

    1. Thanks Hannah!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! ^-^

  15. This is fabulous, I loved reading it.... So entertaining XD, I might do one of these. But, I don't know as many people as you XD

  16. When I read the one about the boy in the Mexican restaurant, it reminded me of this girl who walked directly into me in NYC last week. Then she just ran off and didn't say sorry or anything. I'm still mad at her. xD
    This post is such a good idea. =)

    1. People are so rude, y'know? Like come on, just apologize, and be polite. -_-
      Glad you enjoyed the post! ^-^

  17. Dear Adi,
    Blogging about music for you is discovering FOB for me.
    Blogging about videos for you is discovering Dan and Phil for me.
    Blogging about funny pictures for you is one of my day's few bright spots for me.
    Never, ever, say that you aren't an inspiration, Adaline.
    The joy I get from you and Kelsey's blogs are some of the few things keeping me going.
    Thanks Adi.
    Keep blogging.

    1. Oh, R.L. You made me tear up. Gosh, I just...
      Thank you.
      I hope I never will.

  18. This is really really super cool. Vraiment! C'est Genial!

    You ARE an inspiration. I don't know if it'll sound creepy or not but I really want to meet you and Kelsey one day. I don't know, for some reason I just feel like I HAVE to. What would we do? What the Lord of the Rings movies and you guys would try to get me into Dan and Phil? Share stories and draw? XD
    It'd be amazing, hahah.

    I really like this post idea, I might do it too. And I was listening to 'Obstacles' by Syd Matters while reading it. So it fit really well. (ok, how many times can I say "really"?)

    ~India ^_______^

    1. Thanks, India! <3

      Gosh, thanks. That means a lot. Don't worry, it doesn't sound odd. I've heard it more than once. I'd love to meet all my followers one day too. And LoTR and Dan & Phil sounds about what would happen during a meeting. xD

      Thanks again, for being so sweet and leaving a comment! <3

  19. I love this idea, of writing "letters" to different people. Sometimes you just need to get your thoughts out, and what better way to do that than this?
    I also love the idea of turning this into a "series". :)


    1. Thanks, dear. I can't think of a better way to do just that than by writing out these "letters." =)


    Anyways, I've seen this before in NaNo (I've only ever seen one doll blogger who does it! Now I'll have to do Camp NaNo all by myself tomorrow) I always really like reading these, because I get to know the blogger even better. Thanks for letting us read this. :D
    Also, the whole grandmother-who-says-bad-words and tries to cover it up. Definitely. It makes me laugh, even though they are BAD words. :D


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