Jumbled Thoughts #9

*rests chin on hand*

*stares at feed that contains "Dear," posts*

That spread like wild-fire, didn't it? 

Mmm, indeed it did.

Though other people have now started making their own "Dear..." posts, I'm going to keep making mine as well; another series on here. Believe it or not, I have more people to address, and you all seemed very amused with the last one so I'm going to continue it. Hopefully you guys enjoy it. If not, it'll probably only be bi-monthly, and you'll still have Jumbled Thoughts and my sometimes inspirational, sometimes horribly disjointed, rants.

Welcome to the 9th edition of Jumbled Thoughts.

Posting two days in a row- wow. I don't usually do that but I wanted to get this up so here it is. 

I apologize if it's slightly dull, commentary wise. I'm in the mind-set to just set some pictures here and go back to my video-watching regime.



Have a good day everybody. =)


  1. I don't think I comment nearly as much as I should, Adi, but I just wanted to say just how much I adore these posts. They always manage to put a smile on my face, even if I'm having a terrible day. It's like you jumbled all the things I adore into one blog and it's just...gahhh, it's perfect! :) (Also, love the new blog design - it's so cheerfully spring!)


    1. Haha, it's alright, Olivia. I love it when you do, and know you're likely reading when you don't. =)
      Thanks! ^-^

  2. OH MY GOODNESS dat first thing. Dat's me. Dat's me, right there.
    Actually, I don't get offended if someone doesn't like them - I get possessive if they do. Like if someone tells me, "Thorin's kinda hot, you know?" I'll get all up in their faces like "TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF MY DWARF HUSBAND DID HE GET U CHOCOLATE FOR VALENTINES DAY NOOOOO UH UH HONEY BOO BOO CHILD I GOT CHOCOLATES AND WHOOOOOM DID HE MARRY U U DID U SAY IT WAS U DO I SEE A RING ON UR FINGER MM-MM NO I DON'T BUT DO U SEE A RING ON MY FINGER OH YES U DO SO KEEP YOUR DIRTY LITTLE ELVEN FINGERS OFF."
    (I have issues, I know.)
    He is holding that cactus in the most adorable way possible. It puts a smile on my face :)
    Awww thank thing by Patty on Pete makes my heart melt.
    "It's what's on the inside that counts." YAS.
    Bard has a dang witty tongue and I love it :D.
    Um though that last gif so true though I can especially testify as an Aries yes so true soooo true.
    (A quality of Aries people being that they are the most likely to drop into a fantasy world wanting super badly to be the hero but ending up as the first citizen killed. Yup definitely me. :P)

    - Ellie

    1. I do that too, don't worry. It's like an odd possessive feeling like,"No, you can't like them too. They're mine. MINE."
      IKR?! His wittle smile too. <3
      It makes mine melt too. I love them both so much.
      Bard is brilliant. The part about drowning the dwarves is one of my favorites. xD
      I'm not an Aries but I'm pretty sure if you dropped me into a fantasy world I'd be the first to get impaled by a sword. Or just trip and fall off a cliff like a ninny. xD

  3. I got all of the Fall Out Boy references. Thanks, Adi. I am trying to get my fangirling partner in crime into FOB and Owl City. Any advice? I am having her* watch Centuries. *forcing her against her will
    P.S. I skipped a grade in math this year, and I get a huge amount of HW. I got a 75 because I keep loosing it. Report Cards come home tomorrow. How should I break it to them???

    1. Well yippie-skippie! Glad you got them all. ^_^
      Mmm, for FOB show her the Irresistible video. If she doesn't like watching Fall Out Boy be dorks then I say that she's a hopeless case. xD
      For Owl City, I think I'm Coming After You would be a great song for her to hear. It's addictive and I'm pretty sure anybody can like it. Also, Speed of Love is also really good and I think extremely enjoyable.
      Ah, lovely report cards. Just be honest: You had a lot of work, got bogged down, and it affected your grades. Try to think up a plan for getting more work done, or studying more. Let your parents know that plan.
      My mom and I always say,"You try, and that's the best you can do." Don't let the report card work you into a tizzy. A 75 isn't that bad. Trust me. =)

    2. Thanks. Funny thing is, I was doing math homework when you replied.

  4. Fall Out Boy... What more needs to be said? And I love Patrick's tummy. He's so cute! That hat is perfect. It's just so tiny!

    THAT TAYLOR REFERENCE THOUGH!!!!!!! I'm kind of obsessed with her so I was really happy to read that. She is literally incredible. She is a huge inspiration to me. Haters gonna hate. (Funny part: I'm actually listening to Shake it Off right now on the radio. The radio is psychic.)

    What Patrick said about Pete is literally life goals. I totally want a friend like that. Best friends forever.

    If Fall Out Boy is the comfort food of bands, then I must really like comfort food. Like a lot. :)

    ~Jennifer Whyskers

    1. Everything you just said is my entire thought process . . .

    2. Patrick's tummy is adorable. He looks so soft, I always just want to hug the little guy. ^-^

      Haha, glad you enjoyed it. She's quite tremendous. ^-^

      I hope you get a best friend like that one day. Everybody deserves to have one. <3

      Comfort food is the quintessential type of food. Therefore, Fall Out Boy is everything. xD


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