//april recap//

i used to do currently posts every month but stopped doing them a while back because i was bored with the format. i liked doing monthly summaries like that though, so i figured why not do recaps instead? i know most people post these before the new month starts/don't include stuff that has technically happened in the past few days of the month but who needs to stick to guidelines anyways?

Life + On The Blog

-state testing was a thing, and although i was dreading it, it went pretty well. i actually socialized (??) and managed to find somebody to talk to about music which was fantastic. she was so sweet and it was just a really nice surprise. the actual testing itself wasn't bad either-- i always enjoy english immensely and coincidentally my essay subject was on music??? the world was kind for those two days. 

*dances around and screams*

-i finally sucked it up and took my camera into a public place. i mean, i'm fine taking it with me going to parks/shopping districts. but taking it into somewhere like a store greenery? haha no thanks. but i sucked it up and did it!! i got a ton of pretty flower pictures + no employee yelled at me so all was well.

-not really a life event but i just wanted to remind you all that civil war releases like this week and i'm so not ready for it.

-posting on the blog was pretty sub-par this month, but school is winding down so things have been picking up and lots of projects/essays have been going on. i did manage to get a few reviews up though, which was nice. i enjoy doing them a lot. ^-^

-the blog also had a name change! *flings confetti* i'm still trying to edit a few things (about page, sidebar, etc.) but so far i'm pretty happy with how things are shaping up. 

my personal favorites this month were: april playlist// we are the ants: review//

favorites from other blogs: anna's countdown to the raven king (it's here, it's glorious, and there were so many tears)// write what you need// 9 books i'd want on a desert island// a reminder//

April Books Read: 11
{links to ones that have reviews}

Don't Look Back- Jennifer L Armentrout: 3/5 stars
These Shallow Graves- Jennifer Donnelly: 3/5 stars
The Raven King: 5/5 stars

April Book Haul 
(probably was more than this but the months are blurring together at this point so this is what i remember)
The Bane Chronicles: because i'm in such an intense shadowhunter mood, + magnus bane is the best. 
The Game of Love + Death, Bone Gap, & A Court of Thorns + Roses: barnes and noble did a deal on hardcovers a few weeks back, and my mom was sweet enough to split the cost with me. i've heard a ton of good things about The Game of Love and Death + Bone Gap & am so excited to finally have copies of them. i've already read (and adored) ACOTAR but i had a paperback uk version of it, so i figured i'd indulge and finally get it in hardcover.
The Unexpected Everything: this wasn't supposed to be out until may 3rd??? but my bookstore had two copies of it on the shelves so i promptly flailed and picked up one of them. 
The Last Boy + Girl In the World, & The Shadow Queen: my local bookstore has been really odd and has been having a ton of 2016 releases come in used shortly after their release dates. they had a deal running where if you bought one used you got the other for a dollar, so i went ahead and took advantage of it + got these two. i haven't heard much about either of them but i'm excited nonetheless. the shadow queen sounds especially good-- i'm always a sucker for fairy-tale retellings.

The Raven King: and of course there was this. i had preordered it through fountain after maggie said on her blog that she was doodling in all of the ones purchased through there and i'm so ecstatic to have a copy. ^-^
 (even though it ripped my heart out.)


and that's my little recap! hopefully you enjoyed/it wasn't too horrible. i'll ease into it as the months go by, i'm sure.
i really appreciate all of your guys' support with the blog change so much. it means a lot to me. <3

have a lovely day, + don't forget to smile, because you're beautiful. ^-^

 How was your April? Did any exciting things happen? Did you read any fantastic books? Let me know below! :)


  1. AHHHH BEAUTIFUL DESIGN. The header is pretty and the pink is so SPRINGY and delightful and everything is most wonderful.
    A Court of Thorns and Roses sounds like such a lovely book title!
    As for me, I've been absolutely DYING the past few days because of Blackwood Farm by Anne Rice, a new book I got recently and asdfghjkl I JUST. QUINN IS MY SMOL BEAN AND GOBLIN IS SO UNIQUE and of course the ever-present charm of Anne Rice's writing style I swear. And Aunt Queen is everything I aspire to be omg.
    Also, quick question because I am an idiot: Do I have to follow this url in order for your posts to show up in my feed? Or will they automatically do so because I was following the old url?

    1. AHHH THANK YOU. there's still a lot of things i have left to do after starting over with a new template (so many html things to fix oml) but i think it looks pretty nice so far. ^-^
      isn't it? i love all of sarah's book titles tbh-- they're always so neat/whimsical.
      I HAVE NOT READ AN ANNE RICE BOOK AND I FEEL LIKE I SHOULD. do you have any in particular that you recommend?
      i believe you can unfollow and refollow and that should fix things. i'm not sure as to if they will automatically change--did this post show up in your feed or no?
      xx a

    2. Idk I'm not sure if it did?? Well we'll see I suppose. xD
      Okay, this is a slightly tricky thing. Because the entirety of the Vampire Chronicles series is //fabulous// except the first one....which you kind of have to read to understand anything else. (This first one is called Interview with the Vampire - you might like it, idk, it just didn't work for me personally. So you could probably read a few chapters, see if you like it, and then if not just read a quick summary on Wikipedia. It was written many years before the other ones, so Rice's writing style definitely changed a lot between that one and the others.) Most all of the books can kind of be read as stand-alones, you just have to know a quick background of the characters (which ten minutes on Wikipedia works fine for if you don't read Interview). I think you might like Merrick - it's about a witch who gets hired by a couple of vampires to communicate with the spirit of their dead daughter. You do kind of have to know the plot of the first book to get that one, though. If you're into mystery/high speed chases sorts of things, you might also like The Tale of the Body Thief. Basically, a vampire wants to be human again, so he switches bodies with a human who then runs off with his extremely powerful vampire body to wreck havoc.

      Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  2. I'M IN LOVE WITH THE NEW BLOG ADALINE OMG AND IT LOOKS LIKE YOU HAD A FABULOUS APRIL. (!!!) I'm currently DROOLING over ALL YOUR NEW BOOKS LUCKY YOU and congrats on the concert tickers and taking pictures in public! So brave. AND THANKS FOR SHARING MY POST(s?) *happy tears* Wishing you the best in May!

    anna | annaish

      OF COURSE!! they were fantastic and i was so honored to be a part of them. plus your photography is, like, #goals.
      you have a lovely may as well, anna! <3
      xx a

  3. OHMYGOSH! I just remembered I went to the local authors writers festival here a couple (gosh -4) years ago and and we saw Maggie speak! I never realised! It just just after Shiver came out :D


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