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north- sleeping at last// i found- amber run// hurts like hell- fleurie// oh my my- ruelle// south- sleeping at last// soldier- fleurie// until we go down- ruelle//  drown (live from maida vale)- bring me the horizon// east- sleeping at last// i'll be good- jaymes young// i surrender- a day to remember// crooked teeth- death cab for cutie// west- sleeping at last

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just a lot of peaceful/indie stuff for this month. we're so close to being done with the school year-- i hope everybody is hanging in there and isn't stressing too badly. 

have a lovely morning/day/evening/night. smile for me, if you can, love. you're beautiful. ^-^

{yessss the blog is still being worked on and noooo i don't know when i'll be finished with it. there's so many things to change. ugh. but i'll get there eventually}


  1. I'm adding all of these to my Spotify! I'm sorely in need of some chill indie acoustic-y sounding things lately. End-of-semester stress is fun. :')
    [also do you have any advice on how to expand one's music taste? I always seem to listen to the same stuff over and over and I have no idea on how to branch out more]

    1. i hope you like them! a lot of my favorites are on the list. <3
      end of semester stress will always be such a joy. :P
      one site i adore for looking up new music is tastekid.com; you can search your favorite bands and they'll recommend new artists/bands that are in that kind of realm. i also find a lot of artists just by going through the related category on iTunes (which idk if you use or not??) and that's how i found artists like fleurie. and i guess a small bit of advice is to listen to many songs an artist has done, regardless of whether you initially like them or not. b/c i know i'm totally guilty of thinking that i have to love everything an artist does, when in reality it's totally okay to just like one or two songs that they've done/ i wouldn't have found songs that i liked if i had moved on after disliking the first piece of music i heard from an artist.
      and i recognize that i'm rambling-- hopefully that all helped??? :3
      xx a

    2. Thank you so, so, so incredibly much, Adi. I'm 100% gonna try out more of these resources (I hadn't even heard of Tastekid.com and that's gonna be so fantastic for my favorite movies and books, too). I think that sticking with an artist even if you're not completely impressed with their first single or whatever is something I have to work on. :p (Random question - didn't Fleurie do a song called Too Young to Remember? Because that was my jam in 2015) Thank you for taking the time to answer my question! <3

  2. OKAY SO HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS POST UNTIL NOW. Blogger has issues, man.
    One of my friends recommended Ruelle to me! Are there any songs you think I would like in particular?
    I've been listening to a lot of Frank Sinatra lately. And Les Miz - ever since discovering the les miz fandom side of Tumblr a few weeks ago, I've been on a HUGE kick. I also recently found a song called "Black Honey" by Thrice. I've never heard of the group (person?) before, but the song is ultra good. I think it might be something you'd like - it's kind of got an indie rock flare?

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. i think all of her songs are terrific, honestly! war of hearts is one of my favorites-- deep end, oh my my, and until we go down are also very good as well.
      i've never heard of thrice/that song before-- i'll definitely check it out! thank you for the recommendation! ^-^
      xx a


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