\| things i've learned in the past two weeks |/

-crying over criminal justice is totally acceptable

-finals send my stress levels through the roof but i mean, it's chill. everything's fine.

-seeing civil war is 100% guaranteed to make you feel better

-seriously though whoever designed the criminal justice course should be beaten with a stick

-sebastian stan is a gift to the world

-anthony mackie too

-procrastinating will never get you anywhere

-but fanatically working and being frazzled isn't good either

-it's okay to get a low grade


-i would take a thousand more web design courses if it was available.

-it really sucks when your favorite authors release books during the end weeks of school

-not that i'm letting finals stop me from reading tho

-i can explain in depth the cold war, the break-up of the soviet union + gorbachev's reforms, the succession of ruling families + winners of free elections in latin america, the separation of british india, the suez war, etc., etc., but GOD FORBID YOU ASK ME WHAT YEAR THE U.S. LANDED ON THE MOON.

-as long as you're trying, you're doing fantastic.
if you work to the best of your ability, you should be proud of what you achieved, not upset over what you missed. sometimes facts/information are just going to slip through when you're studying and it's okay.

-unless it's intro to crim. then it's not okay.
{i'm so bitter i'm sorry. i hated that class.}

|| x ||

Bas Stan México.: Bas Stan México.:

just a quick little post to say hello, and wish anybody else who is dealing with end semester work good luck. we will get through this loves. 

{probably not unscathed, but y'know. we'll do it one way or another.}

have a lovely morning/day/evening/night. don't forget to smile. drink lots of water. sleep, my dear, and don't fret. you're going to be just fine.


  1. AWWW BABE *ETERNAL HUGS* I WILL FLY OUT TO YOUR STATE AND MURDER YOUR CRIMINAL JUSTICE INSTRUCTOR FOR YOU IF I MUST. But at least you'll be done with the class soon! (If you're not already.)
    Excellent post! I enjoyed it immensely, as I do most all your stuff.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. *HUGS* THANK YOU. I ended up getting a fairly okay grade in the class, overall, but ugh, was it the worst. :P
      Thank you, love! ^-^
      xx a


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