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The key word in this tag title is "opinions," so please don't throw lemons at me if you disagree with something I say because I am a small child aND I'M SORRY ALRIGHT I DIDN'T ASK TO BE A BOOK LOVING OUTCAST.
Honestly though, I thought I had already done this tag ages ago, so when I searched back through my archives only to find that I hadn't, I knew I had to finally hunker down and share all my horrible opinions. So without further ado--


-A popular book or series you didn't like

History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera is the first one that comes to mind. I wanted to like it so badly, but I couldn't connect emotionally with a single character. Not to mention my hatred of how Theo treated Griffin throughout their relationship.

(Honorable mention goes to Caraval by Stephanie Garber because I'm still crying about the potential it had + never delivered on.) 

-A popular book or series you love but everyone else hates
I know a lot of people who hate the Wolves of Mercy Falls series by Maggie Stiefvater but ohhh, is that series one of my absolute favorites. If I was to reread the whole thing now, I'm sure I'd find more flaws + compare it to Stiefvater's later work, but the story of Grace + Sam was one of the first ya ones I ever read, and I love their story to bits.

-Love triangle where the person ended up w/ the person you didn't want/ OTP you dislike
You can tell me Manon Blackbeak is canonically straight all you want, but I don't, and won't ever, believe it. Dorian is a fine character, but the pairing of them two of them together makes me want to hurl. It feels so incredibly forced and I'm so tired of all the straight romances in SJM's books, especially in situations where it makes no sense.

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-Popular book genre you hardly reach for
Contemporary and I have been foes for many years. I hardly ever find any good ones that I connect with, so I tend to avoid the genre as a whole.
(they also bore me to tears??? nothing ever usually happens in them?? i cry.)

-Popular/Beloved character you don't like
Dumbledore. Gansey. Kale Chaol, Snape, Kieran, etc., etc.

-Popular author you can't get into
*slams John Green books onto table*

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GO AHEAD AND FIGHT ME ON THIS. I just cannot deal with this man's writing and his pretentious characters. I know so many people who rave about his books, and that's great!! but fam, I've read three of his books and I still don't understand the hype ??

-Popular trope you're tired of
Not sure if it's really a "trope," but abusive relationships/possessive alpha males can all kindly go burn in hell.

-Popular series you have no interest in reading
I've got absolutely zero interest in reading the Red Queen series. I've thought about picking it up a few times fleetingly, but I've seen so many reviews saying how boring and trope-filled it is, and I'm not a big fan of dystopians anyways.

-What movie or tv show adaptation do you prefer more than the book?

I LOVE BOTH THE BOOKS AND FILMS OKAY?? But something about the Lord of the Rings movies gives me just a little bit more joy than the books.

And there we go! I've finally done the unpopular bookish opinions tag! Hopefully none of you are too mad at me after this. ;)

LET'S CHAT! Tell me all about your unpopular book opinions! What books do you loathe, and which do you love? What beloved character makes you want to rip your hair out and scream?? 

(Yours truly is currently off in the wilderness on vacation, so if you don't see me replying to comments/interacting much, just know it's because I'm currently at the beach, or The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Either way, just know that I'm crying with joy, wherever I am, and taking far too many pictures.)


  1. I agree with a lot of your opinions!
    I just don't get the Manon/Dorian thing..It doesn't make any sense and I've never felt any chemistry between them. I definitely do think that SJM needs to include a little more diversity in her books.
    I can't get into John Green's books either! I think that a lot of his characters are honestly just mini versions of him..They're so pretentious and it just gets on my nerves.

    1. i'm so glad you agree with some of my thoughts!

      i agree with you completely! there was no chemistry between them at all, and i hated how submissive manon became in his presence. it was such a 180 for her character, and it irks me to no end that sjm destroyed her character just for the sake of a relationship. :/

      thanks for commenting, jolly! <3

      xx a

  2. *high fives you on so many things* i love john green as a person and i'm fine with his writing and stories. it's his characters that i have problem with, they are so boring and pretentious! i used to love dumbledore, but i kinda distrust him now. i even draft a post about him for my july potter month. i also never liked snape, not even after that revelation. he's horrible, end of discussion. i really like wolf of mercy falls! it's such a quiet but lovely book, i'd love to re-read it again <3

    1. *the highest of high fives*

      i think john green is a lovely, adorable person, and i feel horrible because i probably should''ve mentioned that in the post. his characters are definitely where my issues lie, though, and i totally agree with you that they're pretentious beyond belief.

      i used to always say i liked dumbledore because hello #peerpressure, but as i've gotten older, i've realized just how uncomfortable his actions have made me. he never treated harry right, imo.

      oh, i love the description of mercy falls as quiet! it sums up that whole lovely winter vibes the books have going on. <3

      xx a

  3. Yeah, I never really got the whole John Green craze either - I mean I tried to read some of his books, and I guess they're okay, but his characters just seem a little....repetitive? And cute-patoot contemporaries aren't really my thing either, so that probably contributed to it.

    Snape was a bad guy, no matter how much he loved Lily. I found him a horrible person, and even after he was revealed for what he was I still just thought....nope. Don't like the guy.

    1. PREACH. his stories all seem to follow the same thread, and i feel like his characters are always the same, with the same story arc. which i guess would be fine if i actually liked the characters, but i don't, so it makes all of his books hard to enjoy.

      i'm glad you agreed with some of unpopular opinions, sunset! <3

      xx a

  4. THE MOMENT YOU SAID ONE SMOL ADALINE I WAS FILLED WITH THIS WEIRDLY PROTECTIVE URGE. No worries! If anyone throws rotten tomatoes at you, I will throw them into the Void.

    Haha, I see we're destined to (mostly) disagree on Caraval, but I FEEL YOU SO MUCH ON ADAM SILVERA. I love the concepts of ALL his books, but I can never get into the writing. It makes me so disappointed :/ every time a new book of his comes out, I hope it'll be the one I finally like.....and then it's not.

    I'm definitely with you on contemporaries! I've been getting more into them lately, though (mainly when they're gay, ngl).

    FINALLY. YES. SOMEONE ELSE WHO DOESN'T LIKE GANSEY. Not gonna lie - though I know we've had this convo before - I don't really like most of the Raven Cycle characters. They either feel bland as potato soup (ex. Gansey), unrealistic (ex. Persephone) or seriously annoy me (ex. Blue).

    John Green himself is Such a Precious Creature, and he's a bit of a writing inspiration to me in that a lot of the books he labeled "follies" as he wrote them ended up being bestsellers. But I've read Paper Towns, and I do share your overall opinion. The situations in his books don't feel like Actual Things That Happen, they feel like Things Teenagers Fantasize Happening. Though I do plan on giving him another shot with Will Grayson, Will Grayson, which he co-authored with David Levithan. Maybe I'll like it better? Have you read that one?

    I'm sorry WHAT? the WIZARDING WORLD? and I wasn't TOLD about this? XD have fun on your trip, girl!

    I think I did this tag a reeeeally long time ago? I can't remember any of my answers, though, so I'll improvise. XD As I mentioned, I'm not the biggest fan of The Raven Cycle. I liked The Dream Thieves and The Raven King, but The Raven Boys and Blue Lily, Lily Blue were incredibly sub par. I also know a lot of people love It's Kind of a Funny Story for reasons I can't fathom.

    And oh yes, Six of Crows.

    Fam, don't get me started on Six of Crows.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality


    1. well, at least you got some enjoyment out of caraval! that's far more than i got out of it. :/

      YES YES YES to everything you said about silvera! i keep seeing him announce new books and i just?? have lost the will to care?? after history is all you left me i'm really not keen to slug through more of his writing, so i think from here on out i'll just have to quietly mind my business in the corner during his release dates.

      "liking them more... mainly when they're gay" why is that such an accurate depiction of me + my relationship with contemporaries.

      personally i liked persephone, only because i've always had a thing for those weird, willowy, kind of head in the clouds + magical characters. but yES to not really liking gansey all that much. everybody always raved over him and i never (still don't) understood WHY. he's not funny? or admirable in any way to me?

      I FEEL SO BAD BECAUSE I THINK JOHN GREEN IS A PRECIOUS BEAN OF A PERSON AND I WANT TO LIKE HIS BOOKS SO MUCH BUT I. JUST. CAN'T. DO. IT. i have read will grayson, will grayson, and while i still didn't LOVE it, i did enjoy it the most out of all the books of his i've read.

      but elliiiieeeee. k a z b r e k k e r.

      xx a


  5. Adaline, I am GOING to throw lemons at you. You do realize lemons are part of my aesthetic, right?? I probably would have thrown lemons at you even if you hadn't suggested such a wonderful idea. You should be happy. Lemons are good (yes I eat them whole, so YOU should probably throw lemons at ME)
    Wolves of Mercy is one I never finished! However, I started reading it when I was still in like 6th grade and I was throwing it in the bottom of my locker everyday and slamming the door shut on it *shrieking* I should probably atone by giving it another try :P
    Although I am total trash for John Green, I think my love is more related to the author than the books themselves (i really really did like TFIOS though that was before I found out he's on youtube lol). But I can definitely understand why a lot of people don't enjoy his work! All books are not for all people. Unless it's a dictionary of every language of ever. I suppose that would be for everyone??
    DUMBLEDORE HOW DARE YOU. *throws 29 lemons but uses canon instead* JUST KIDDING. As I have gotten to the ripe old age of 20, I have come to realize that dumbledore is kind of a huge jerk sometimes?? like, dude, HARRY NEEDED YOU. So many conflicting feelings on that one!
    Your unpopular opinions are not so unpopular to me anymore, and for that I thank you :P :D

    1. *hides behind bookshelf* i'm sORRY, KRIS, I'M SORRY.
      also like i'm in no way judging but... how does one eat a lemon whole?? the only plausible explanation i have for that is that you're a superhero, which i can totally see you being.
      i'm definitely conflicted about dumbledore too, because, um, CHILDHOOD FEELS, but agh, as i've gotten older, i've realized just how wrong his actions are. and it never sat right with me that he just let harry live with the horrible dursleys for all that time. RUDE.

      xx a


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