// june recap 2016 //

how is it that we're somehow already half-way through the year??? it still feels like christmas was just yesterday. 
anyways-- here's my recap for june! i hope you enjoy. ^-^

Life + The Blog
-it's fricking hot, okay. i am melting. send help.
if i see 100, 102, or 103 on the thermostat again i swear i'm going to cry.

-v.e. schwab liked my photo on instagram and i kind of cried for days. i love her so much, and i can't fathom that she saw my picture. and my cat. like ???? 

-oh, and yes, i did finally get an instagram! i figured it'd be better than posting pictures to my photography board on pinterest, because let's be real, nobody looks at that thing. if you want, you can follow me @notgarycooper. ;) ;) ;)

-i attended b-fest, met an author, and won a signed arc!! it was a really small event for my state, and i almost didn't go because i didn't think they'd have anything worth attending, but i dragged the family out on the last day anyway and ended up having a blast. jonah was a sweetheart, and she encouraged me to speak during the little writing program we did, which meant the world to me. and, i mean, free book! and a good one at that! ^-^

-I FINISHED THE WALL. it contains my blood, sweat, and tears, at this point, and it iS DONE PEOPLES. there was one little small square i could never bring myself around to covering up, but i finally sucked it up, and now i'm so pleased. the wall has finally come full circle. 


i didn't do much blogging, or reading of other blogs, so i'm afraid i don't have any favorites this month. i'll catch up on things someday, i swear. 

Books Read This Month: 10
{excluding the two DNF's I had}
Overall, a pretty good reading month. There were a lot of things I read that I really enjoyed.
Links to ones that have reviews! :)

The Problem w/ Forever- Jennifer L. Armentrout (*cough*QuEeN*cough*) : 4/5 stars
More Than This- Patrick Ness: 5/5 stars
The Season- Jonah Lisa Dyer + Stephen Dyer (comes out in 8 days and you should really go get it okay): 4/5 stars
Sleeping Giants- Sylvain Neuvel (just going to marry the cover): 4/5 stars
Vanishing Girls- Lauren Oliver: 5/5 stars

The Unexpected Everything- Morgan Matson

June Book Haul
falling kingdoms// rebel spring// gathering darkness// more than this// vicious// an ember in the ashes// the season// this savage song (preorder)// nevernight (preorder)// empire of storms (preorder)// ivory and bone// we all looked up// serpent king// sleeping giants// red rising// into the dim// a tyranny of petticoats// wolf by wolf// 


and there we go! that's my little recap for june! i feel like i should start up a bullet journal because i'm whenever i sit down to write one of these, i forget essentially everything that happened in the month. :P 

i hope you're all having a lovely day, that your summer is going well, and that you hopefully aren't melting like me. 

Let's discuss! How was your June? Did you do anything fun? Take any trips? (we're supposed to take two this month and i am ECSTATIC) TELL ME EVERYTHING. ^-^

P.S. Happy 4th of July! <3 


  1. It sounds like your June was amazing!
    You poor thing! I hate hot weather as well :( my brain just turns into a pile of mush.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. it was! <3
      ugh, same. it honestly makes me so yucky and almost sick feeling??? i really need to just live somewhere where it's winter year-round. xD
      xx a

  2. like dude i feel you so much, my hospital room isn't air conditioned like the rest of the hospital so my brain is like a popsicle now. (i swear i'm dying inside i want to live in freaking antartica now.)


    1. awww man, i'm sorry that it's not air conditioned! that seems like a mandatory hospital thing??? that's really messed up-- i hope you're hanging in there. <3
      xx a

  3. Yeah! It sounds like you had a great month! That's so cool that VE Schwab liked your photo and that you got to attend B-Fest! Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous recap! Hopefully July is just as good to you!

    PS I love your Camp Half-Blood sticker & your Hamilton book. ;)

    1. thank you so very much, zoe! ^-^
      xx a

  4. Yay for VE Schwab!!!! It's fabulous that she liked your picture :)
    It seems like you had a pretty solid reading month, so yay for that as well.
    Lovely pictures!
    Fabulous post =D

    Thanks for visiting & commenting on Faith's Bookspiration <3

    1. thanks, faith!
      and of course-- thank you for visiting here. ^-^
      xx a

  5. Omg I agree that the year is going very very fast. *panics quietly* XD 😂 And omg YOUR WALL IS SO FANTASTIC THAT IS JUST INSPIRING AND AESTHETIC AND BEAUTIFUL. #goals Also I really didn't like An Ember in the Ashes either so HI FIVE. I feel like everyone adores that one and I'm such a black sheep about it. haaha.
    And omg VE Schwab likes your photo!! AHHHH. *flails for you*

    1. *panics with you* I JUST DON'T KNOW WHERE IT HAS GONE.
      AH THANK YOU THANK YOU. it took absolutely forever, but the end product was definitely worth it.
      HI FIVE. i don't get the hype about it, tbh??? like i can see the appeal but the execution just was a nope for me.
      xx a

  6. Wow, it sounds like you've had a great month! That's great that VE Schwab liked your photo! I've only read A Darker Shade of Magic, but I'm planning to read more books by her soon.

    I actually enjoyed The Ember in The Ashes and gave it a 3.5 stars but I can see why you wouldn't like it. As for The Unexpected Everything, I enjoyed that as well, but I do have to admit that it was verryyyy slow.

  7. What a great recap! SCHWAB THO OMG I WOULD'VE CRIED TOO!! CONGRATS!! AND THE WWWWAAAALLLLL!!! I literally gasped out loud. Congratulations my friend. <3 The cover for Sleeping Giants is gorgeous omg *heart eyes* Wishing you the best in July, Adaline!

    anna | annaish


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