The very very lovely Anna, over at Annaish, recently did the Raven Cycle book tag, and because she's a sweetheart, she went ahead and tagged me for it. I adore The Raven Cycle, so this is a perfect tag for me. If you haven't, you should really go check out Annaish. Anna's a spectacular blogger/book-reviewer, and her photography is always so clean + appealing. And, like I said-- she's just so sweet. ^-^

1. In the books, Maura is the relaxed mom that is Blue’s friend more than an actual mother. Who is your favorite mom character?
Molly Weasley is of course the first one who comes to mind. She's like the quintessential mom character, and I just adore her. ^-^
Another one that I thought of was Mallory's adoptive mom, from The Problem With Forever (Jennifer L Armentrout). Rosa wasn't perfect, but she was incredibly sweet and always tried her hardest to make sure Mallory was doing alright. 

2. Adam wanted to go to Aglionby so he could one day escape where he came from. Have you ever dreamt of living somewhere else? Where?
I've thought about living a lot of places, but when it comes down to it, I really would just love to be somewhere where it rains often, has a lot of trees, and isn't too crowded.

3. In the second book we meet the Gray Man. He is a hit man who loves poetry. Name a book that you thought was going to be one thing but turned out to be something else.
I'll give two answers to this, because why not.

Book I thought would be bad but turned out to be fantastic: Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver
Book I thought would be fantastic but turned out to be meh: An Ember In the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

4. Gansey has searched most of his life for a buried king who is promised to grant one wish. What is one wish you would ask Glendower?
I was going to try to think of a nice answer for this, but let's be real, I just want tickets to see Hamilton with all of the original cast.

5. In this series you get to see Greenmantle as a fleshed out character but also as a villain. Name your favorite villain.
Usually I think of Levana when asked about favorite villains, but I was looking at my bookshelf and saw The Game of Love + Death and god, Death is certainly my favorite villain. 
(Except she's not really a villain??? Idk you should just read it.)

6. Blue’s got her Raven Boys. Who makes up your bookish team?
(Essentially just a list of my faves)

*Kell (Shades of Magic series)
*Audrey (We Are the Ants)
*Rhysand (acotar/acomaf)
*Katy (Lux series)
*Rowan (Throne of Glass)
*Zuzana (Daughter of Smoke + Bone)

7. Ronan is a badass with a sensitive side. What book have you read that was action packed but had beautiful emotional scenes as well?
Jokes on you if you thought I could get through a post without mentioning A Court of Mist and Fury.
(it's been almost 3 months y'all + i'm not getting over it anytime soon.)

bUT YES. ACOMAF. The amount of time I've spent thinking about the book is ridiculous, but I love it to bits. It had so many absolutely freaking beautiful scenes, mixed in with flail-worthy/suspenseful moments. 

8. Noah has a heart of gold. Who has touched your heart recently?
Travis, from The Serpent King (Jeff Zentner). Gah, I have so much love for that book + him. ❤︎❤︎❤︎

9. Calla is a woman who speaks her mind and puts her foot down when necessary. Who is your favorite strong female character?
Feyre (ACOMAF), Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles), + Katy (Lux series)  are a few personal faves, but there's truly such a long list of amazing, strong YA gals that I admire. To pick just one would be impossible. :3

10. Chainsaw is an awesome Raven boy pet. If you could have one “exotic” pet…what would it be? What would you name it?
It's not technically exotic, but I'd love to have a little black + white pygmy goat as a pet, and name it Luna. <3

|| x ||

And there we go! That was the raven cycle book tag! 
A huge thank you once again to Anna for tagging me in this. It was fantastic. ^-^ 

I hope you all have a lovely time, wherever you are, and that you smile today. You're so wonderful. <3 


  1. I'M NOT EVEN IN THE HAMILTON FANDOM AND I STILL LOVE LMM. "the trash of the thing" that man I swear to god.
    Omg your goat sounds fantastic xD

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

      honestly, i want one so bad xD
      xx a

  2. OMYGOD this tag! I love love love it!

    - Edie

  3. omg, yes. a goat as a pet, that would be awesome. i would really want a llama as a pet lol. (because, you know, llamas.) xD i'm so insane i know.

    1. ooh, a llama would be fantastic as well. <3
      xx a

  4. AHHHH ADALINE YOU'RE TOO SWEET THANK YOUUUU!! :,) I loved all your answers, especially 4 and 10. ;) I now want a goat tbh <3


      xx a


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