"I think the plan might work.” Ed mused.
“Yeah, and my family think we’re all going to be dead by twenty-five.” Elliott took a long drag on his cigarette. “Thinking doesn’t make something true, Eddie boy.” He gazed with heavy-lidded eyes at the thin roll of paper between his fingers. “We can think all we want, but at the end of the day it’s fate that’s going to decide if we live or end up six feet underground.”
Miriam frowned. “Fate? What a nice sentiment. I didn’t think a boy like you believed in anything of the sort.” She couldn’t help the poison from leaking into her words.
Elliot gave a wry smile.
“Fate and our own damn stupid luck are all we’ve got going for us, love. I have to believe in something, don’t I?”

sO YES. i'm linking up with sky and ashley for a novel idea, which is a weekly writer's link-up. the prompt was to post a quote from your wip, and the writing thing i was talking about in my monthly playlist post is, in fact, my wip that i've affectionally dubbed bastard boys. i don't even know how to accurately explain what it is, but i'm just so in love with the story and the characters, + i haven't felt this way about writing in such a long time.

{{ s/o to the queen, who sent me an all caps text asking me to explain my bastard boys pinterest board + who then proceeded to listen to me ramble for days about it, read snippets, and basically just give me the last little push i needed to finally post about writing. you're the bestest.♡♡♡ 
xx the muffin queen}}


i hope you're all having a lovely day, and doing well. don't forget to smile for me, because you're fantastic. 

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    Yesss, please tell more about this story!
    *SCREAMING* I DIDN'T KNOW IT HAD A PINTEREST BOARD I MUST GO LOOK. Stalking WIP Pinterest boards is one of my primary hobbies xD
    Well, in typical Ellie fashion, I've abandoned work on my NaNo novella for the past few days to chase after a shiny new idea. I'm the worst at this omg help. xD But I'm super excited about the characters, plus the fact that there will be TIEFLINGS. They are so good and pure. Petition for more Tiefling representation 2k16.

    Ellie | My Novel Idea

    1. ahhh, thank you, thank you!!
      ugh, i do the same thing. i follow so many different ideas, and i really just need to sit down and focus on ONE.
      xx a

  2. I NEED MORE!!!!!!

    Elliot sounds really interesting as a character. He seems like one of those devil-may-care, I-could-totally-win-in-a-fight type of guys. God, I'm already invested in this character and I've only read one snippet!

      you definitely pegged him on the head. he's quite the problematic guy, but he's my fave. <3
      xx a

  3. AWESOME! I mean this is a great story!

    - Edie

  4. ahhh everything everyone said above + yes of course i want to hear more (i've been looking at your wip board excitedly lol) and at the moment.. nothing is happening with my writing :):

    xx emily

    1. haha, thank you emily! there will certainly be more. <3
      xx a

  5. I'm honestly so ready for this like I'm planning the merchandise in my head right now - follow your muses and create what comes to you. And I'm far from the queen, but your comment made me just about melt. I'm 100% here for you during this process, muffin queen. <3
    ((...also, what are you going to affectionately dub the fans of this novel? all I can think of are 'bastards.' xD))


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