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Hello everybody! Hope y'all are having/had a very happy Easter! Mine has gone nice so far. =) 

I thought today would be a good day to post the new Currently. Hope you enjoy. 


Re-reading the Book Thief. I love this book so much, although the end is akin to having your heart ripped out and stomped on. I'm not a crier when it comes to books/movies, but this one makes me tear up, and it's horrible.

Yes, it's one of my favorite books. Why do you ask?


Earth to Echo.
I just adore this movie. I can't say enough about it.

Listening To:
Miss Jackson - Panic! At the Disco

Professional Griefers- deadmau5 ft. Gerard Way (The amount of times I've listened to this in the past 24 hours is insane.)

King & Lionheart - Of Monsters and Men (I just recently got into OMAM and wow, hello new band addiction)

& Thank You For the Venom - My Chemical Romance

Exhibit A of how diverse my music taste is. xD

Working On:
*blissful sigh*
Currently only blog posts which is nice. Testing finished and I may have a small post on that up soon.

To be rich?
Nah, currently nothing. I'm quite satisfied. =)


I somehow ended up with two Gerard shirts, and I'm so very happy with this new situation. I love them both to death, and will be wearing one on the 9th for reasons. ;)

Also picked up Of Monsters and Men's album, My Head Is An Animal, and I adore it. 

I had the weirdest thought the other day; when people reference,"The birds and the bees," I can't help but question which gender is which. Are girls birds or bees? I feel like this is something that should be addressed.

Also thinking about how different I might have turned out had I never dropped out of public school. Frightening to think that I might not be sitting here blogging, or heaven forbid that my favorite songs be the repetitive ones off of the radio. O_o

Grateful For:
My parents, who had to stand in Hot Topic and listen to screamo music as I tried on shirts. I love you both so much.

Have a good rest of your day. =)


  1. Perhaps, indeed, the birds and the bees stand not for genders, but for attitudes. Maybe the "birds" are friendly and outgoing people and the "bees" bitter and angry ones. Or something of the sort. But who indeed says that gender roles must be assigned, even in metaphorical phrases? Is not our society rife enough with them already?
    Your parents sound amazing :).
    "Keep your bad vibes out of my cornflakes." I just noticed that and it's awesome. :)
    I also have noticed that you seem to have a flashing Eiffel Tower on your sidebar. What is this?

    - Ellie

    1. I like your thought more. Thank you for that, Ellie.
      They are quite so. =)
      Haha, I change that to something different every single day I post usually. I believe you're the first to notice it; at least, you're the first to mention it.
      The Eiffel Tower links to Bloglovin'. It's a site where you can follow other blogs, and bloggers, and have sites recommended to you. It's neat, and I quite like it.

    2. Ooh! I must keep a special look out for those in the future. :) If they're anything like this, I believe I'll quite enjoy them.
      I shall check this out as well! :) Thanks!

      - Ellie

  2. I haven't read the book thief, but I've seen the movie. It was so depressing! I needed an entire box of tissues to get me through that ending.

    I love Miss Jackson by Panic! at the Disco. This is Gospel is also one of my favorites. And, of course, I Write Sins not Tragedies, which was my favorite music video when I was younger.

    I'm happy your testing is finished. Hopefully you don't have to take it again. Like me. Yaaaaay..................

    I hope you had a great Easter!

    ~Jennifer Whyskers

    1. I'm sure the movie would make me even more emotional. >-<

      Oh, This is Gospel is another one of my favorites. As well as I Write Sins not Tragedies. :)

      Thanks! I wish you luck with taking yours again.

      I did, thank you! Hope you had a good one too. ^-^

  3. I just finished reading, "The Book Thief" for the first time and oh my goodness gracious...I have so many things I want to say but I'm not going to spoil it for anyone in the comments, so all I'm going to say is, 'wow.'

    1. Wow is certainly the best way to put things.

  4. I'm reading it too!!!!! It's SO good!

  5. The Book Thief is one of my favorite books! Isn't just so wonderful? Great post!

    1. It is wonderful. It's one of my all-time favorites. I just love it.
      Thanks, Hannah! =)

  6. "Thank You For The Venom" is, if I had to choose, my favorite MCR song. :) I love the Gerard shirts too!
    Honestly, just thank you for not being in public school. XD I don't know what we'd do without your blog.

    1. It's one of my favorites too. If I had to choose my over-all favorite, mine would be either The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You, or The Sharpest Lives. :)
      Thanks! I love them too. Really happy I was able to get them. =)
      Haha, trust me, I think I would've wound up dropping out at some point, or blogging no matter what. And if I wasn't blogging, I'm sure half of my followers have less fandoms to be in. xD

  7. oooh, the Book Thief! I haven't read the book, but I've watched the movie and it's really good! Have to pick up a copy of the book sometime. And I'm sorry to say...I've never been to a Hot Topic. *GASP* sorry...xD

  8. your gerard shirts are too cool ^_^ Hot Topic is just amazing.

    Oh, and if you like Earth to Echo, I highly recommend you check out "Super 8". It's basically the PG13 version of Earth to Echo with a slight twist, and it's really good.


  9. I love the Book Thief! I read it earlier this year. It is such a wonderfully written book. I loved the movie too.

    ~ Mint

  10. Great post! I wait for my blog, follow me and i Follow you back, kisses

    yeah they're pretty amazing. xD


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