Another Year Left Behind, A New One Starting

I'm not really a nostalgic, touchy-feel-y person. 

Years come and go and that's how it's always been. 

I don't usually make goals for the new year, but this year I feel like I should. 

This year was arguably a better year than 2013. 

I've found who I am, in the sense of likes, dislikes, tastes, and preferences.

That's important to me.


Because two years back, I was not a person. 

Indeed, I was a human who went about her daily things, interacted with others, and did her school work but I was not a fleshed out person in any sense. I didn't have a favorite movie. I didn't really have a favorite color. I knew nothing of music besides what I'd heard on the radio. 

I was a person who straightened her hair because I wanted to have straight, slick hair so badly like the other girls.  I was a person who tried to dress to impress others. 

That was while I was still attending my local school. 

At the end of 2012, I'd had enough of not learning anything but the same things we'd been learning 2 or 3 years back. So I dropped out and started to attend online school.

And slowly, I became a real person.

I became obsessed with the Hobbit movie after seeing it in theaters, and that soon opened the gateway to my love for actors, cinematography, & soundtrack music. 

I stopped straightening my hair. I quite liked how my natural curls looked.

By chance, with my free time during a school day (which is considerably shorter than public ones, in which we get twice as much done in half the time) I looked up Owl City videos and fell in love with Adam's music. And through doing that, I found more music I loved.

I had likes now. I had favorite things. 

I stopped caring about what others thought of me.

My fear of public speaking that I'd had back in public school diminished to nothing. I could stand up in front of a packed auditorium now and feel no fear like I used to.

I pranced around an arcade with my friend laughing like an idiot without a care in the world. 

2013 & 2014 were years of unearthing who I really am. I have no doubt that 2015 will be the same. It's odd sounding probably, to hear somebody say that they have to find out who they are. But I do. It's a quiet thing, that I don't think anyone else has noticed.

It's funny.

I used to hate the rain, when my hair was straightened. I was worried it'd get wet and dry back in the curls I hated so.

Now I love the rain. Who needs an umbrella? =)

Anywho, here's my little list of things I'd like to do this year.

  • Be healthier. Get off the computer & do something, whether it's something as simple as taping up pictures in my room, walking around outside taking pictures, or actually doing some exercise.
  • Try to go as many days as I can without sugar. I don't eat a ton of sugar anyways, but I do think cutting out things like Cocoa Krispies in the mornings, and treats in the afternoon can help me with the above goal.
  • Socialize more. This sounds kind of stupid I guess, but I'll be honest, I don't do it a lot. You could blame the fact that I do online school, but they do field trips and open houses. The thing is, I just need to attend them. :P
  • Become friends with somebody who loves LoTR/TH. Okay so this is on my bucket list, but I'd quite like to achieve it in 2015. I am so eternally grateful to my friend for forever putting up with my Hobbit ranting. I feel tremendously horrible though that she has to sit through my ramblings. 
  • Save enough money to buy myself a new camera. Or, at the very least, save enough money throughout the year so that I can buy people decent gifts when it's their birthdays/a holiday. :/
  • Meet up with my friend and take a ton of silly pictures. For a while now I've wanted to do one of my walls decked out in pictures I've taken, and pictures of friends. My new printer is able to print actual photo sheets, so I'm hoping to achieve this.
  • Make use of those lovely mall photo-booths. Goes along with the thing above, but my friend and I had the greatest time using a Photo-Booth and I'd love to do it again. Multiple times, if we could. xD
  • Have a LoTR/TH complete marathon. Twenty hours of film, baby. Don't even think I won't do it. 
  • Have a positive attitude & go-with-the-flow attitude. I'll admit, I pout like a toddler when things don't go my way. I am not a person comfortable/used to change, but this year my goal is to suck it up, plaster a smile on my face, and just deal with whatever comes my way.

*twiddles thumbs*

I think that's pretty much it. 

Not a tremendously stellar list, but I quite like it. =)

Here's to hoping 2015 is a good year, with little sorrow, and few trifling events. 


  1. I'm so happy that you found the things that interest you! And if you hadn't found these things, you may not have taken up blogging, and I can't imagine the blogging community without you! I'm homeschooled, and we get done a lot faster and get more done, too! :) Oh, and you're so lucky that you have curly hair! I've always wanted to have curly hair really badly :D I hope 2015 is a great year for you, Adi :)

    ★ Shelby-Grace ★

    1. Thanks Shelby-Grace. I am too. =)
      Indeed, I probably wouldn't be blogging at the moment. And I probably would've given up on dolls as well. >_<
      Hehe, thanks. I love my curls now. I still wish I had straight hair, but I'm content with my own... did that make sense? xD
      Thanks for commenting! <3

  2. That was *sniff sniff* truly beautiful.
    Music is really a beautiful thing. It can be so motivating and encouraging. I've always really liked music. But I really didn't start loving it till this year.
    I honestly HATE dressing to impress And fearing what people think of me. I just want to not care and do what I want without giving a second thought to what the world will think.
    I really need to make some goals. I've never made any but I should.
    Ugh, I've wanted to do a complete LOTR/TH for a long time now. I just need to find a friend who is willing to do it with me.(I know you would but...ya know, we live in different time zones so..xD)
    I Hope 2015 is a wonderful year for you Adi. ^-^

    1. Thanks Rylee. :}
      It is. I've always loved music as well, but it took till this year for me to finally find bands/singers I like & follow their music.
      I do as well. I dress how I want to dress, which sometimes may be "in-style" or may not. My Legolas shirt certainly isn't. ;)
      Hehe, I certainly would. I think both of our goals this year would be to find somebody to watch the marathon with us. xD
      I hope your 2015 is splendid as well. <3

  3. Wow. Your story is so inspiring! It's crazy how the Internet can either help you or hurt you. And yes, I agree with Shelby-Grace. I reeeally want curly hair, but I have the hair that you wanted. :P Hope you complete the goals you have set for this year! We'll help you. :)

    1. Thanks, Claire! <3
      It is crazy. I've found that the internet tends to help me. I've never really been hurt by it. =)
      I'm sure your hair is beautiful. Curls are pretty but they do tangle quite badly. xD
      I hope so as well!!! I know I will with all of your support, though. =)

  4. I had a super long comment typed up, but then my kindle was stupid so I lost it. I will try to recall what I was saying....xD I'm really glad that you have found out who really are, because without a character you're not you!! For instance, would any of us recognize who you were if you didn't have a LOTR obsession? Yeah, not so much. xD Before this year I was a lot like you. I knew who I was and what I liked, but I tried to get rid of my curls etc. and wanted to be like someone else. But it's funny how much easier it is just to be yourself! I think this is a great list of resolutions Adi. Absolutely wonderful. Would you mind if June and I (or maybe just me) made a list of resolutions like this? We would give you full credit of course. I feel like we need to explain some things. :)

    1. Aww that stinks. Sorry you lost the original comment. Happened on my kindle as well one time. :P
      I am as well. Without likes, interests, hobbies, you are but an aimless person I feel. And no, no one would notice me without my LoTR obsession. xD
      I feel like a lot of people go through the whole process of trying to be like others, or at the very least, try to have the same interests as them. Glad you too decided to just be yourself. =)
      Thank you Ginny. That means a lot to me. <3
      I would love to see your list. Please do so! ^_^

    2. It must be a Kindle thing. xD you're very welcome. ♥ Alrighty, I'll try to post it later.

  5. I'm not crying. If anyone is crying, YOU'RE crying. I'm definitely not. I have dust in my eye. xD
    As someone who is also homeschooled, I can definitely agree with the fact that homeschooling gives you the opportunity to get to know yourself better. You can develop your own opinions on topics and like what you like, without worrying about what other kids your own age might think. I think it makes a person less shy, too, which is the opposite of what most people think happens. (Seriously, have you gotten the, "What about socialization?" question a lot, too? xD) I think "finding" your personality in this day and age is so important, because it's so easy to get swept up in everything that's popular that you don't take the time to discover what truly makes you happy. :) Your story is so lovely and it's definitely inspiring some of my goals for the upcoming year. ^-^
    I hope you have a fantastic 2015, Adi! :D *sets off fireworks* WAIT I DON'T HAVE A PERMIT FOR THIS WHAT AM I DOING o3o

    1. Also: 24 hours of LOtR sounds like heaven. XD

    2. Aww, don't cry, dear. <3
      Indeed, I agree with you. I can not tell you how many odd looks I've received whilst explaining that I do school online. It sounds odd like I said above, but with being out a public school, things like public speaking don't affect me anymore, and I've learned to just not give the darndest thought to what others think.
      And yes, people think that you get no socialization doing online school. Which is ironic, because I can hold a conversation with an adult better than other people my age who attend public school.
      And yes, finding your personality and who you are is extremely important. If only people could understand that others do not want a group of five people who are exactly the same.
      Thank you so much for you sweet comment Olivia. Means the world to me. <3
      And oh, dear Oliva. Better run before the police catch you. Or get a firework permit at the very least. ;)
      Have a wonderful New Year.

  6. That was really inspirational <3 I really relate to a lot of the things you mentioned, except I still have this fear of public speaking and occasionally I tend to feel conscious like, "what if they think I'm weird?" yeah who cares if they think you're weird????? I can safely say that 2014 began as a whatever year, and I was the girl who went along with everyone else, but I slowly changed into an individual.... different and uniquely me. And though sometimes, it's just like, "why don't isn't my hair straight? Why don't i have new clothes?" I guess that that isn't what counts... it's whats on the inside...
    truly beautiful post, Adaline. Your way with words is quite astounding <3

    1. Why thank you, Autumn.
      I still get conscious of myself like you, but I've learned/am learning to quiet my inner negativity. =)
      I agree that what's inside counts. If only people could realize that what you look like on the outside tells nothing about who you are on the inside.
      Thank you once again, dear. Your comment made my day. <3

  7. I love this post so, so much. :) You're just like me, it seems.

    Also, thank you so much for pledging to play life's game. It really means a lot to me. :)

    Have a blessed day and happy new year darling. <3

    xx Nicole Rose

    1. Thanks, Nicole. <3

      No problem. The idea was such a wonderful one, I couldn't not partake.

      Have a wonderful New Year as well. <3


  8. Great list of resolutions! I hope your New Year is great. I know what you been about becoming a person. I used to try to go with the flow among my friends because I thought it would make me popular, but doing it too much didn't get me anywhere. I'm definitely not an unusual person, but I feel like I'm myself and I'm glad of it. (-;
    Happy New Year Adi!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I hope yours is lovely as well! ^_^
      I did the same. Always tried to have the same interest as my friends. It never got me anywhere, and I think that's one of the things that helped me realize I needed to be an individual. I don't feel unusual either, certainly unique, but as you said, I'm glad of that. =)
      Happy New Year! <3

  9. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I came here to check out the lovely face behind the comment and after reading this post I know I am a fan of your writing. I am so glad that you have found yourself and it sounds as if you are headed towards an amazing year.
    Best wishes for your New Year! I gotta start reading your other posts and I look forward to more new ones!

    1. Why thank you for commenting here! ^_^
      Your blog was lovely, and I'm so glad that you like my own. Wishing you the best year, thefloralwitch! <3

  10. Wow! This really inspired me Adi! I'm so glad to hear that you have become "a real person." It sounds funny when I say it that way, but I mean it truthfully. In the past two years I have gone through a lot of negative mental changes that I need to recover from. I still have a long way to go on my journey to becoming "a real person," but I am so glad to hear about your success. :) I hope to someday truly find myself as you have. Thank you for being such a wonderful blogger. Happy New Years Eve! ♥ ♥

    ~ Mint

    1. Aww I'm so glad it inspired you, Mint. It does sound odd a bit, but it's true. I'm a real person, now. =)
      I'm sorry to hear that you've gone some negative states, but I'm sure you'll pull through it and come out feeling wonderful.
      Thank you for being such a dear, sweet blogger friend. Happy New Years Eve! <3

  11. This is such an inspiration Adi!
    Really!! :D I seam to have an acorn in my eye.. OH EVIE YOU STUPID THING ACORN OH HELP feeeeeeeeels!
    Merry New Year? WOW! New saying!
    Happy New year! <3

  12. I've got curly hair too, and sometimes I wish I had straight hair. The grass is always greener, right?
    Really, this is a great list. My favorite is the photo booth one. That's definitely not an issue for me, once my friend and I went to a wedding reception where there was a photo booth and we went five times. Would've gone more of my dad hadn't told us to quit wasting their photo paper. xD.
    Anyway, this list is perfectly lovely and I will probably steal most of it. Love you, Adi! Happy new year!
    ~ Leah
    p.s. did you see the preview for the movie "The Age of Adaline"? Just thought I'd mention it. ;)

    1. Indeed, the grass is always greener on the other side.
      Thank you Leah.
      Photo booths are extreme fun to take advantage of. I'd do the same as you and your friend. :)
      Haha, feel free to steal it. ;)
      And no, I haven't seen the preview for that. I'll have to look it up. =)
      Thanks again.

  13. Your resolutions sound right up my alley. Your writing is lovely. And it's good to love the rain because it comes regardless ;) Happy New Year!


  14. Oooh! I love resolutions six, seven, and nine! I love photos with friends and photo booths. That's the reason why one time, twelve of my friends and I basically went out to the mall and fit all of ourselves into the booth. The photos came out so hilarious! And spread the positivity! I hope you achieve your resolutions and have a happy New Year!

    xoxo Morning


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