Battle of the Five Armies. Today. Excuse Me As I cry.

You Mockingjay fans think you know pain.
You have experienced NOTHING.
No offense meant to any Hunger Games fans at all just allow me to be dramatic today because I'm emotionally unstable aight?!

Today the last Hobbit, last Middle-Earth movie comes out.
I have done an EXTREMELY long post over at AG In the Shire, but I'll be doing a shorter, more heartfelt (I.E. Cheesy) tribute here. 

I was first introduced to the Hobbit close to 3 years ago now, when my parents suggested that I read the book, because they had heard of a Hobbit movie coming out. 
I read through the book and loved it, and then went to see the movie. 
Seeing the book brought to life was just amazing to me. The world, the characters, the acting jobs.... 

It astounded me.

I ended up renting the first LoTR movie on my kindle, and then that same day, my mom was generous enough to allow me to pick up all THREE movies in a set at a local store.
I fell in love with each movie; each character, good or bad, was so real, so vivid, and just... perfect. Not exactly as I had imagined whilst reading the books... but... I didn't care. 

The Middle-Earth movies did so much for me.

Introduced me to the world beyond the screen.
I fell in love with the behind the scenes process; the way costumes, sets, and props were made.

I fell in love with the whole cast. Each unique in their own way; and utterly brilliant when all brought together.

I began to pay more attention to actors. 
I began to realize that there was so much more to movies. 
To everything.
I learned things from the Hobbit/LoTR movies. 
It sounds stupid.
But I did.

You learn things about people from the movies. 
That favoritism can be played to such an extreme harsh level.
That sometimes women have to fight to be seen as equal to men.
That sometimes you end up listening to people who want nothing more than to mislead you and use you until they get what they want.

But you learn that there's always hope. 
Always that little ray of light at the end of the tunnel.
All you have to do is fight for it.

Adam Brown, Mark Hadlow, Graham McTavish, Jed Brophy, Stephen Hunter, Aidan Turner, Dean O' Gorman, and Luke Evans in the back; these are some of the most important people to me from the Hobbit.
All of them do a tremendous job at making me laugh: It's easy to just snuggle into the couch and watch the Behind the Scenes videos when you're feeling down. The cast always can make you smile.

Luke Evans and John Bell. I don't know what else to say about them, except that they're both brilliant and wonderful.

I feel like these people out of the cast have maybe done the most for me.

Martin Freeman is my idol; mainly because he's just himself. He doesn't care what others think and he speaks his mind, while still managing to retain respect for himself and being a kind person.

I think Andy Serkis showed me that being silly often isn't a bad thing. Quite a good thing actually. =)

Sir Ian McKellen taught me that it doesn't matter who you are as a person; there will always be people out there who like you for you, no matter who that is.

And Richard Armitage taught me that the key to life is happiness. And lots of chocolate ice cream. ;)

(Starting from top left row) Benedict Cumberbatch, Andy Serkis, Graham Mctavish, Luke Evans, Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood, Lee Pace, Cate Blanchett, Peter Jackson, Phillipa Boyens, and Evangeline Lilly.

I'm huge fans of Evangeline and Cate. 

Particularly Evangeline because she's just such a kind person, and she's also a children's author as well. 

Both ladies are extremely sweet & caring people.  ^-^

All the dwarf actors, plus a few others. 

I'm getting really sad and starting to question why I'm doing this. xD

Aidan Turner & Dean O' Gorman.

The two greatest friends throughout the cast.

I love it when actors do movies and then end up finding a best friend through their job. 

It's so perfect because they have no trouble at all playing Fili and Kili in the movies; they practically are brothers.

Plus it helps that both of them are both extremely amusing together. xD

All the dwarves and Peter. =)

The cast of the Hobbit. I could literally name all of them but I shan't.

Dean O and Aidan being adorable. 

And I think that's about it.

I'm not one of those fans who has grown up with Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit.

Haven't been into it for a decade. 

But the movies, books, and cast mean so much to me. 

More than I think my parents, friends, and others even know.

I love each member of the crew, and through the actors, I've been led to other things that I now love.

I'm really kind of emotional about this.

I'm not ready for today; but I know if I end up crying, I'll be smiling at the end of it. 

A big thank you to Peter Jackson. 
To Fran Walsh, and Phillipa Boyens.

The director and writers.

To Martin Freeman, Sir Ian McKellen, Richard Armitage, Aidan Turner, Dean O' Gorman, Ken Stott, Graham McTavish, James Nesbitt, Jed Brophy, Adam Brown, Stephen Hunter, William Kircher, John Callen, Peter Hambleton, & Mark Haldow.

The company of Thorin Oakenshield.

To Lee Pace, Orlando Bloom, Evangeline Lilly, Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Liv Tyler, Bret McKenzie, & Craig Parker.

The Elves of Middle-Earth.

To Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, Dominic Mohagan, Sir Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortenson, Sean Bean, Orlando Bloom, & John Rhys-Davies.

The Fellowship of the Ring.

To Christopher Lee, and Sylvester McCoy.

Two of our wizards of Middle-Earth.

To Luke Evans, and Benedict Cumberbatch.

The dragon-slayer and the dragon.

And a thank you to everybody and anybody in the cast and crew. 

You've done so much.

~Adi, The slightly weepy Halfling Writer


  1. I loved the story about how you got interested in LOTR and The Hobbit and how it affected you! You are a really good writer :) Oh, and this post wasn't cheesy at all!

    ★ Shelby-Grace ★

  2. I feel your pain too. I teared up the first time I hear The Last Goodbye by Billy Boyd. I'm going to cry in the theaters; I would feel absolutely heartless if I didn't need a tissue box. (BTW, I just saw your survival kit, loved it, and I'm going to make my own.) I'm (unfortunately) probably not going to see it till January since my BFF and I have decided not to see it until we're able to go together, and she lives a couple of hours away, so it's the best time for both of us. However, I'm already in the spirit of the movie, because I know that all over the country, my blogging friends will soon be bawling or sitting in speachless heartbrokennes while sadness happens on the big screen, and I feel for them already. OMG! It's the laaasst Middle Earth movie... )-'; #cyberhugs because everyone is going to need them after seeing this film.

    1. My mom teared up during The Last Goodbye; I've been holding back my tears during everything but today is going to be the day that ends. Oh, I hope you and your friend enjoy (y'know, as well as you can with everything) it when you see it together. That's fun to go together... I don't have any friends really interested in TH & LoTR.
      Ugh, it's so saaaaad. Why does it have to be the last one?!?!
      A big cyber hug to you. I'll definitely need it.

    2. Awww, it's to bad your friends aren't Tolkien nerds. Actually, I don't have a lot of friends who are, but all of my blogging friends make up for it nicely. (-; I'm very lucky that by bestie is, because my family doesn't really get my obsession. XD *sniff, sniff* I'm feeling sad already, even though I haven't seen it.

    3. Yes, 'tis sad. I've sort of wrangled one friend into liking it though... she listens to my ramblings and rants with me at the very least. xD
      It is sad, yet happy in a way. I'm sure you'll like it. =)

  3. Yeah what do the Hunger Games fans know of pain? (Loved how you started it) Hehe.
    You are a wonderful writer Adi!
    I didn't see the movies till last summer. I LOVED them as soon as I saw them as well as the Hobbit movies.
    Ah yes, all of the actors are absolutely fabulous. My comfort in the fact that dear Kili shall die, is that I saw him at the Green carpet premiere so...he's not really dead. Although the character is...It's gonna be so sad.
    I shall all be here to wipe your tears from your face for you when you get back from the show. And then of course When I get back you shall have to wipe my tears. xD

      Ah, thank you dear. <3
      All of the actors are fabulous. Always nice to see that they're still living... whether or not their characters are.
      I shall be here to comfort you on the 23rd Rylee. ^_^

  4. Adi dear I'm actually crying! This was so sweet! and we have to wait untill boxing day!!!!!!!!

    1. Awww, Evie don't cry, dear! So not the intention of the post, but I'm glad it touched people. <3
      I'm sure Boxing Day will soon be upon you! And I'll be here to squeal with you after you see it. =)

    2. I'll try not too! :) <3
      I will be screaming when I see it!

  5. **Prepare yourself for long, cheesy, emotional comment**

    *lets out a sob*
    *gradually stands up*
    *wild applause, laughing with tears streaming down face*
    I just finished saving every single gif in picture in this post and your post in AGintheshire and...
    I can't.
    Of course I've never seen the movies or anything, but I have read the book and kept up with the actors and watched every behind the scenes video in existence for these movies and I just...
    I completely lost it.
    They're all a family.
    A big, dorky, beautiful family.
    Nothing will convince me otherwise.
    They all taught me and all the other fans I'm sure so many things about life and being positive and staying true to yourself, and over the years watching them all be dorks in the vlogs, I gradually let myself do the same and felt so much better about myself and had such a better view on the world.
    They're all beautiful and amazing and extremely talented in their own ways and the way they all bonded through this movie is just amazing.
    Like how Dean and Aiden are practically best friends now.
    And Richard and that horse.
    And Martin and Benedict.
    And all of them just...
    They were all absolutely brilliant and all brought so much into the movies. They're all funny, smart, and just sweet and amazing people in general. I'm sitting here grinning and laughing like an idiot and trying not to cry at the same time because I'll miss this. A whole freaking lot. All the behind the scenes, all the premieres, and the interviews, and...
    All their dorky moments and sad moments and everything.
    I'll never be able to accept that this all is finally over. Scratch that, this can never be over, it'll live on forever, and the movies and story will be passed on.
    It's the story that was made while the cast put the whole thing together is now over...That's the part I'll never be able to fully accept.
    I really wish Tolkein could have been around to see what an impact his stories made.
    I'm sure he and PJ would've been the best of friends, sitting and drinking coffee while plotting out ways to shoot down all the fans with angst and pain. xD
    I'm sure the cast will never ever forget this journey, or the fans, and I know I never will. The story itself was magical and brilliant, but the way the cast put it all was indescribable.
    I hope someday I'll get to watch the movies and remember watching them gradually put the pieces together to make such a masterpiece out of Tolkein's story and I REALLY hope someday I'll get to meet the cast and tell them all how much I loved their performances and hug them and thank them for the most amazing journey, through the movies and behind the scenes. I found the most amazing group of people you could ever put in one room together and everything turned out better than anyone could've ever imagined.
    Absolutely loved the post.
    Thanks for making me cry like an idiot, I've already used up half a tissue box today. xD
    And like you said, thank you SO. MUCH. to everyone who was a part of this. You built a world of magic and characters more real than anything and and story I'll never forget. <3


    1. And I would've made my own post if I knew I would be writing a novel in your comments.
      Oh well. xD
      It's just like a Hobbit movie, long and full of feels. xD


    2. ...
      Kelsey.. that was beautiful.
      I should've asked you to write this with me. You're far more eloquent than I. My post is pretty much like,"I GONNA MISS 'DEM." whilst you have your amazing thoughts in order, & in such a heartwarming way. I can't stop re-reading it.
      Oy. I need a tissue.


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