Stupid title.

Like anybody is going to be able to survive BOFA. :P 

But yes. For U.S. denizens, there is one day left before people like me run to the theaters to go see the last Middle Earth movie. I'm lucky enough to have a very kind father who has taken off work for half the day so we can go see the first showing at our local theater. 


 I decided to do this survival kit post because I feel like most of us Hobbit fans are so frazzled we can't even think about what happens after we see the movie. 

I'll pretty much be sharing what I'm taking to the theater, and what I need when I get back from the emotionally traumatizing movie. xD

Let's get started! Here's an overview of everything I'll need to survive tomorrow. 

Hobbit Shirt
Slightly wishing I had picked up one of the Hobbit shirts from Etsy that had #OneLastTime on it, but STILL A HOBBIT SHIRT IS MANDATORY. 
It wouldn't be the last Middle-Earth movie without wearing this, to me. 

Tissue Box w/ Lyrics On It
Okay, so you saw the whole tissue box thing coming. I'm not really an emotional person when it comes to movies. The only movie I think I ever cried at was Toy Story 3... but look, there's no way I'm getting out of the theaters with dry eyes for BOFA. 
So to make things fun (I.E. more depressing) I wrote the lyrics to Billy Boyd's song,"The Last Goodbye" all over the box. 

Yes I'm crazy.

No, I do not want to be tested. 

I can already prove it. 

Just go look at pictures of my wall. xD

Hobbit Messenger Bag

Because I need something to carry the tissue box in, and I also need something to cover my face whilst I'm crying. 

*sniffling and hurried wiping of tears*

That's pretty much all I'll need for the theater.... I think. O_O
(Like I said, all the Hobbit fans are frazzled at the moment. Me included)

And as for stuff when I get back from seeing the movie...

Hobbit Cup & Hot Chocolate

The drink you choose may vary, but the essentiality of it is; pick something that is warm, comforts you, and won't be deterred by a few tears. 

And then make a lot of it and drown your sorrows within your huge cup. xD

Stuffed Animal, Pajama Pants, & Tissue

There's no doubt in my mind that I'll need to cuddle with a stuffed animal for comfort. And getting into warm pajama pants should be relaxing at the very least. 

And yes. More tissue. Just in case. ;)

And that is everything I have in my BOFA survival kit. Not a ton, but sufficient enough to get me through the day... I hope. xD

Hopefully you enjoyed this odd, yet amusing post. 

I'd love to know:

Are you going to go see The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies?
If so, are you going on opening day like crazy me, or at a later date?
Do you have a survival kit?
If not, do you want one? xD

~Adi, The Halfling Writer


  1. I love your survival kit, it looks really cool! Your stuffed bunny is just adorable! I also still love my stuffed animals :) I am most likely not seeing "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" becuase I've never watched or read any other The Hobbit/The Lord Of The Rings movies or books :) Have fun at opening day!

    ★ Shelby-Grace ★

    1. Thanks Shelby-Grace! Ah, thank you. That would be Bun-Bun. :}
      I'll be sure to have tons of fun. =)

  2. That's a very good idea to bring a survival kit!
    I was told some awful news.
    We. Arn't. Going. On. Opening. Day
    My dad will be out of town, but I hope I can see it soon.
    I would probably bring my jean bag with my Thorin and Gollum pins, with The Hobbit book in it, some tissue, a snack, and my Thorin Chibi figurine for companionship!


    1. Haha, thanks. :3
      Aww, I'm sorry to hear that. :( But I'll be sure to keep the blog spoiler-free for as long as I can. Or give a spoiler warning at the very least when discussing the movie. =)
      Sounds like a perfect kit!
      Dang... I forgot about bringing a snack. O_o Thanks for the reminder. xD

  3. YOUR AMAZING FOR DOING THIS ADI. xD I want to Hobbit shirt, Cup and bag girl.
    I'm gonna take your advise and bring a tissue box, and then come home and have hot chocolate. It is going to be depressing. But good. Really good.
    YEAH I'M GOING ARE YOU KIDDING!(That question probable wasn't meant for me though...)
    I wish I was going on opening day but dads on call so we have to wait till the 23rd. I don't have one but girl, I'm making a survival kit.
    "All shall fade, all shall fade" xD

    1. Your amazing even if you didn't do this but Your even more amazing for doing this. xD

    2. Haha thanks Rylee!!! <3 We got the cup last year when we were seeing something before DOS. I made my mom wash it out so I could keep it. xD
      Yes, definitely take tissue. Even Richard Armitage himself said to take tissue. He also said that the movie,"Grabs you by the throat, & rips your heart out," which isn't really encouraging but y'know. :P
      EEE GLAD YOU'RE GOING. Stinks that you can't go on opening day; I'm extremely thankful that I'm able to go. CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO SEE IT. I'LL BE DOING A SPOILER FREE REVIEW FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE WAITING TO SEE IT. =)

    3. Yeah...will bring tissue...
      Good! It will be fun to see you freak out (and then on the 23 I'll be freaking out) Not that I haven't already seen you freak out though...xD
      Oh, your blog looks awesome Adi! I'm gonna start working on mine.xD


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